Monday, June 13, 2016


Hey all!!

So this week was another tranquilo one!!  It always has been with Elder Daniels!!  But this is the last week of transfer YA!! so we will see what happens this next week!! I think (hope) that I will stay another one here in Formosa with Elder Daniels but we will see!  So I will get back to you all next Tuesday!

But like honestly nothing happened this week so it will be a pretty short email....

We have just been out teaching lessons and all... Nomqom continues to be my favorite place in the world! Just chillin’ out there forever with the homies! One of the members Hernan will leave all the time to go look for people on his moto for us to teach when we go to his house!  We show up and he’s just like "wait here!! I have a friend that wants to talk to you guys but I have to go get him!" and he’s off.... We have apparently become pretty famous around the Barrio... There are 7 different radio stations passed out of the Indian colony and apparently at least all 7 have made reference to "the 2 gringos walking around the Barrio bringing the word of God" So we have become quite a hit out there!!

This week I also lead divisions again with Elder Pace! His last before he heads home from the mission! He’s a great guy who is going to be playing Utah State basketball when he gets home so watch out for the next Damian Lillard;-) But it was good! He’s such a bro!!

But that’s it!! Not really much has gone down!! The Uñon Boyz are still going strong down here in Formosa!! 

Have a great week everyone!! I’ll be back on next Tuesday with news about transfers!! 

Dear Elder Fam (I’m going to stop when you guys stop calling me Elder Peters)

Sounds like you guys are having a busy week! Congrats to Sydney I guess on the graduation....

So nothing new has been going on.... his is the last week of transfers already! but I think I will stick another one here in Formosa with Elder Daniels!! I hope......

Bombachos (Argentine Cowboy pants)
But it has been getting COLD!!! Everyone has been saying it will drop below 0 degrees Celsius this week!! So we will see!! But we have been trying so hard just to stay warm in our own pension... But luckily our 1 heater hasn’t burnt out yet so we still got it running almost 24 hours a day!! I also gave my pants to a member to shrink down now to my size and haven’t seen them in about 2 weeks.... So I have been wearing the 2 same sets of pants since....... One of them being my bombachas! So that has been fun! I’m going his week to go hunt them down before transfers...

Yeah I already heard about Oldham! that mission borders mine so maybe one day I’ll end up in Reconquista and be in the same provincia as him! and you hate to get your mission call to Guatemala!  Do they get to wear pants down they are as well??? They recently started that in this mission and it’s pretty weird......

But other than that everything is fine!! Elder Daniels and I have been shaking up the food game a bit!! So now I’m starting to get worries that I might be gaining weight again... The food here isn’t very healthy...... But we eat well!

But all is well!! Have a great week!!



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Uñon Boyz

So this week was pretty good!! Pretty tranquilo! Things with Elder Daniels are pretty chill though!! Nothing too exciting has been going down!

But this past week Elder Daniels hit his 1-year mark!! So OBVIOUSLY we had to celebrate!! but in our area there’s not a lot of stuff to do to screw around... So we actually didn’t do anything... we just splurged on some Pepsi for our time in the pension... This mission isn’t really fun at all...
But it was fun!! Elder Daniels and I are just having a great time together, he’s such a Union boy (as he would say... I don’t know he’s from Penn where they won the war back in 63...) 

But yesterday we did make a visit out to Barrio Nomqom with the Bishopric which is the first time in who knows how long that members have set foot out in the barrio!! all the members were so excited!! So hopefully the bishopric will start putting a little more work in getting us a group started so the members out in the Barrio will have their own little chapel to meet in every week, making it 100x easier for them to go to church every week!!

This past week as well I did Divisions with an Elder Casilla! From Bolivia! He’s a really awesome guy!! So that was fun!! So we worked all day in our area while our comps were in Resistencia for the leader’s conference...

But besides that we are all good here!!! This past week we had 0 money... like literally.... we were waiting until today when we could withdraw money from an ATM here in downtown Formosa… so that was interesting but we made it work!!!

But have a great week everyone!!! Miss you all!!
Elder Peters

Copa American prediction... Argentina wins... obviously...

Zona Formosa 2

Elder Fam

wow... dad does not catch any breaks does he?? in the temple and now with the stake... ya hate to see it.... 

But things are well here!! we keep working hard!!

Question before I forget... is the Copa America being played in Portland as well?? or is "soccer city USA" not getting the rep it deserves???

But things between Elder Daniels and I are awesome!! as I said in the other email are just doing just fine!! were just a couple of Union Boys as he says (we named our freestyle rap group Uñon Boyz btw....) But it’s all good!! nothing really new to fill y’all up on.

We are waiting on a baptism of a little 13-year-old girl in a wheel chair but we are waiting for more support from the family... the mom just wants the daughter baptism no mas but she’s not really willing to do much else to help her get to that point... She did plan the baptism already for this last Saturday so it was awkward when we had to go over to their house and tell them that they wouldn’t be having the baptism this Saturday... So we will see how that goes from here!!! 

So my dad, Elder Jauregui from my first transfer is in the office now.  He gave me a call the other day and let me know that our convert Dani (the little 13-year-old we baptized in Chaco) is just putting in work right now with the ward!! He apparently is out at 7 in the morning clapping the doors of all the young men that are going inactive to make sure they get to church!! That made me so happy to hear!!

But all is well here right now!! I thought I had some questions but I forgot... so maybe next week!! Love you all!!  Tell grandma I love her too!!

Elder Pedros

I wanted you guys to know that me and my comp counted 9 kissy noises/whistles this past week! Just so y’all know;-)