Monday, May 29, 2017

Month of May

08 May 2017

So, it was a good week.  

We left Tuesday in the morning for our multizona in Resistencia and didn’t get back to Paso de los Libres until Tuesday morning at 5:30 in the morning... it’s kind of a long story so I think I might just save it for next week!

So, Wednesday was just kind of rough just because we were running on no sleep whatsoever... Thursday we did divisions with the Elder of Pasos 2 and I went with Elder Figueroa from Mar del Plata! he’s super funny and dope and keeps it real since he’s 25 years old and a new missionary! The divisions were fine and had some good charlas together.  Friday, the Elders from Pasos 2 had a wedding for one of their investigators and in the afternoon, they had an activity in the church to celebrate... Saturday we had a capilla abierta (you can look what it is because I don’t want to explain it) and it was alright... not the most successful thing I have ever witnessed but its fine we still got some people to come! so Sunday we were able to relax a little bit in church I guess.

Dad... nowhere here is comparable to the States... I know I probably shouldn’t say this but I like the States a lot more... like a lot... I’m proud to be an American.  Yeah, all the businesses are small business even though they’re all the same, they usually sell clothes, if not they sell food like bakery or a restaurant added on to their houses, and if it’s not that, it’s a pet food store... there’s not much variety here...People drink matte for fun...Yes, they have a movie theater but people usually don’t have money for it... and no one from Brazil comes here... all the Argentines just go over there since it’s all just so much cheaper.  Sim, Eu Fallo Portugués.  The trees are painted white to stop the ants and bugs from climbing up them and eating all the leaves and stuff away.  But it was a good week over all!

For Skype, I will be on around like 6 o’clock my time so like 1PM your time!
Talk to you next week!
Elder Peter

PS no fotos this week cause my card reader broke...

15 May 2017

hey fam,

So, this week was a pretty good week! We did divisions with the Elders from Curuzu Cuatia this past week. I was with Elder Ignacio from Buenos Aires and it was fun! it has been a while since I had been down to Curuzu so it was nice to be back!

As well I don’t have a lot to say since we had the skype call yesterday. Sorry to sound super negative! I don’t want you guys thinking that I’m hating the mission or I’m not having a good time.  I’m having a great time and working hard out here! It can just be kind of frustrating sometimes because we put up with a lot of crap here in Pasos, especially as the zone leaders! But we just choose to laugh it off and be sarcastic about it just to lighten the mood and try and turn the days around.  So, Me and Elder Dean make a lot of sarcastic jokes just to get us through and a lot of the times it just comes off really negative! But I’m having a good time! don’t worry about me!  But have a good week! love ya all!


23 May 2017

So, surprise! we had transfers this week!  So, I got transferred to Corrientes Capital again!! This time I’m in the branch of Costanera! So, I got the centro and super luxury part of the mission… I got here and the work has been going super well and there’s lots of people they are teaching so we are going to help them get baptized this transfer! My companion is Elder Bybee from Roy, Utah. He’s pretty cool! But I haven’t even had time to work in the area yet so i dont know anyone or anything yet!! But its definitely a lot louder and crazier here then Pasos! But all is well!

Here’s some pictures of the investigators we had in Pasos.   Have a great week!

“Re: Finally warm in Oregon”

29 May 2017

So, we have had a pretty good week! It’s been great being in a new area! Even though we are in the downtown part of Corrientes Capital we have been having lots of work to do here!! It’s been really weird.  Being in a small town in the middle of the campo and now being in the big city! There was no surprise transfer though?? it was just normal transfers and I had been in Paso de los Libres for 6 months already hahah.  But the branch is doing well, it’s actually smaller than the one we had in Pasos but the members are all super awesome! It’s really nice too because the church is right on the river front!!

But me and my companion are going super well!  But being here has been a lot less stressful and we can just go out and work instead of always having to travel and doing things and worrying about a zone of missionaries!  There’s not much to say haha it’s all good!

Sounds like things are going well back at home and you guys are keeping busy!  But I don’t have any pictures for this week because my camera has been dead and I think I left my charger in Pasos so I have to wait for Elder Dean to bring it here to Capital!

but I hope you have a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Peters

Monday, May 1, 2017

Re: What do May Flowers bring??

The fetch is a Christian Buddhist?

Yup sounds like everything is the same old same old, just as it is here. Tomorrow we travel back to Resistencia for a 3rd time this transfer for multizona with Presidente Franco and all the missionaries in Corrientes. So, it should be fun, we actually have a pretty busy week this next week and not a lot of energy to get us through it hahaha we’re so tired and dead.

But everyone I said hi for me! Have a great week!

Things were just as they always were this past week! We did divisions in Mercedes this past week with Elder Butler and Elder Bowerbank! They’re pretty dope.  In terms of lessons we don’t get a lot here... it’s been a struggle finding news here.  We just walk around getting rejected all day long hahaha we have 2 investigators that are dope so we always look forward to when we have lessons with them.  I don’t really got any more stories actually… not off the top of my head! You’ll have to ask some more questions to jog my memory a little bit.  Yes, I heard he got a new car…

But all is well for us over here! Hope you have a great week!


Re: Post Easter

Hey fam!
So, it was a pretty good week! I guess... we had to make another trip down to Resistencia to learn about water and the new water filters... it was boring... now I know what dad’s life is like.... But we got some good work in and have found some pretty good new people this week! Our investigator had a birthday party for her son in the church this past week so we got to stop by and help inflate balloons for a little bit! But Elder Dean and I are getting along super well!  He is making a push for one of my favorites!

And mom’s life is just as sarcastic as ever...
You got my travel plans?! Oh, my gosh you shouldn’t have said that hahaha

Yes, there are a few families I have gotten to know in my time here.
I give talks whenever I’m needed to give one.
What are branch council meetings? 
Youth council activities are off limits to missionaries... plus there are no youth...
The new filters work, work fine? I don’t know doesn’t salmonella take a few days to kick in??

Well I hope you have a great week! Love you guys!

PS: I haven’t heard anything about Skype calls yet, I’ll just call when I got the time I guess!

PSS: Don’t you think I would have told you if I got mugged or not?