Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I’m going to have a kid.......

Well there’s news....

I’m going to have a son!!! I’m super excited!!
I pick him up in Resistencia tomorrow in the morning so I am pretty excited!! 
(PS. For anyone that doesn’t know.... When I say I am having a kid I mean I’m going to train a new missionary!) So there’s 9 gringos and 1 Latin coming into the mission so we will see what type of hijo I will get! It will be fun! I get to party all morning in Resistencia then pick up my hijo that will be freaking out for the next 4 months that he’s in Argentina!! So it will be interesting!!

So news on my companion… he got home all well and will be having surgery on the 21st of this month... so for right now all is well!

But this past week was different to say the least... I basically did divisions with all of Corrientes Capital.. Without my companion I basically third wheeled the whole week in other areas.  I also got the opportunity to work the most dangerous part of the mission!  So that was a fun day!  Literally, all we went out to work with was 1 copy of the book of Mormon... anything else and you become a threat to get robbed… so it was an interesting day… the first time in a while they had seen a dude with blonde hair and blue eyes walking through their neighborhoods... probably for the best I was there for 1 day...But it was exciting!! I met a lot of new people and new elders and it was super dope!

This last week we also celebrated 1 YEAR!!! ME and Sheehan went so hard!! Now we only have one year left!! It’s going to be exciting to see what happens this last year!

But that’s all for this week! This next one will be super exciting as well as we are having a baptism!!  So we will see but that’s all for now!

Have a great week!
Elder Peters

September 2015
September 2016

I got a call about a package but I have no idea which one! I’ll let you know next week since I will be in Resistencia tomorrow.  This week was interesting... I don’t really have much to say about it! the Trio was AWESOME! even though we didn’t work a lot... But it was a party! I’ll fill you all in more in the group email.  I talked with Presidente Franco On Saturday, he asked me to train, and he told me that Elder White hadn’t had his surgery yet, just a few doctors’ appointments.  He didn’t write me today So I will be waiting for more information from President when I see him tomorrow!  We are also having a baptism this week! Super stoked!  An older couple but they’re going to be some of the best converts I have had in a while!  But all is well!  

Love you all have a great week!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Its Cold

Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty good!  Sad news came in this past week about my companion and well... we won’t be comps after tomorrow... He will be heading out to get surgery in the United States so it will be rough to see him go tomorrow.... But he will be back out in 6 short weeks! It’s sad to see the hijo go but stuff like that happens here... so I will be in a trio with Elder Sheehan and Elder Lloyd for the last week of transfers! Just in time for me and Sheehan to celebrate our 1-year mark together!!

But this past week was another weird one! Our president asked us to really slow things down so that’s what had to be done and so it made the time drag on a little slower... But we have been making the most out of it! We have been partying it up with our last couple of days together! But we have been going strong out here even though it is honestly really rough being here in Corrientes Capital.... But we keep going! 

And it has still been REALLY FREAKING COLD!!! I hate the cold now...  but now that I lived the summer here and got used to it I can’t stand when it drops below like 80 degrees.... It’s been rough... I still don’t have a problem with the rain just the cold... all the time....

But all is well!! Sorry for the short one this week! But I hope you are all doing well!!

Elder Pedros
1 year mark celebration.
(Minus Elder Salas Mora... hes just sorta there...)

My comp will be going back to the states to receive surgery.... it’s sad but necessary... all the doctors in the states said he has to come home asap.... But Elder White has gladly offered to receive any packages in the states and take them to Argentina with him when he returns in 6 weeks!! I would like Peanut butter and some CheezIts and whatever things you feel would be good to send, but small since he has to fit it in his luggage back here to the mission.... I have not found out about the Gs yet... 

Yeah Sydney told me like what??
Kirstin sent pics with Ron.... He wasn’t like I imagined him.
When are Will and Astrid getting married??

Tell the Hermana’s welcome to the Argentina Resistencia mission......

But this week was pretty good I guess! We have been slowly receiving information about Elder Whites situation.... Pres told us we had to slow down like a lot...... so it was kind of slower week... like everything we did was basically in slow motion.... nothing new! I’m going to be in a trio with Elder Sheehan and his companion for the last week until transfers... just in time to celebrate our 1 year together!!

But all is well!
Until next Tuesday!! (since we got transfers viste?)
Your hijo


So I already responded... I don’t really know what else to say!!

We celebrated our 1-year mark at the all you can eat BBQ place today! So it was pretty exciting! I also bought another knife (another Elder broke my switchblade...) and its made of Armadillo!! Its super dope!! It was a little "good job for not dying after 1 year in the mission" gift!

The rain has been falling as well here... It got really hot then dropped down to really cold.... so cold that in the pension we can see our breath... so we have been bundling up pretty well here!! But I just hope that we see a warm day... I don’t love the cold anymore....

But all is well! Like a l ready explained is that Elder White is on the way to get surgery tomorrow.... so I will be in a trio working in the neighboring branch with Elder Sheehan and Elder Lloyd!

From the Costanera to Resistencia

Hey all!

So I’m writing kind of early today but I’m in Resistencia today and I will be all day long!! My comps got a little problem so we are going to be in and out of doctors’ offices all day long.... great way to spend P day no??

But this week has been kind of rough for us here! Our baptism for this weekend fell through then we just got rejected hard core all week long.... So it was rough. We have been trying our best to stay positive in every day even though it had completely gone south for us this week....

plus, Elder White had been in pain all week long making it difficult for him to walk around... so these last couple day our President told us to just chill in the pension to give him some rest! 

So yesterday I actually got out to a different part of Corrientes Capital to work for a little bit in the afternoon! This area is right up against the beach so it was super nice!! But it just rained on us all afternoon long and neither of us had our jackets and boots... so it was fun.... We get back to our pension on the complete other side of Corrientes soaking wet and cold.... But it was super fun! I worked with Elder Salas Mora from the Tierra del Fuego (which is ironic since it’s the furthest south off all the provinces of Argentina....) But he is a super awesome guy!! 

Elder Sheehan and I already have plans to celebrate our 1-year mark together!! We have plans to go eat some bomb Argentine BBQ food (all you can eat... 200 pesos.... so worth it....) then go hit up some Gaucho shops to go buy some bomb stuff! Other than that there’s not a lot to do here....

But things are going super well! We are just hanging out with the office elders all day today! I will be on later as well so if you got time to chat that would be dope!

But hope all is well back at home!
Forgot my Camera in Corrientes so I don’t have pictures for y’all this week!

Hey fam....

So I’m writing kind of early today.... we are in Resistencia right now... my companion might need surgery.... so we are going to be going to doctors all day today.... I don’t know I haven’t asked yet... I’ll talk to the office elders and find out what I can do about the G's (yes mom... Garments....)

I never got the second package and no I actually just saw the other Elder Peters... he told his family as well to start putting his first name on everything too so there wouldn’t be mix ups anymore....Yes Spice packets mom.....

But this past week it got really hot (about to 110) but then yesterday it dropped back down to about 50 and started raining again... on the taxi ride to Resistencia this morning I kind of got the feeling I was in Oregon as we were crossing the bridge and it was dumping rain... Then the Taxi driver started talking to me in Spanish so he kind of ruined the moment....

Here in Corrientes its definitely a lot colder... but it gets A LOT humider here than in Formosa... it’s terrible and I have already started sweating a bunch..... 

I don’t know what else to keep you updated on!  But I’m on my way out the door right now... we are having lunch with some of the office elders today! I’ll be back on later today! Have a great week.