Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Month of Storms

So, another transfer is in the books! and I’m staying in Maipú with Elder Steele!  So, we have another 6 weeks juntos in this crazy place!  But we have been doing good down here!  It’s still the same old same old here in Corrientes Capital!   But this past month has been especially great with all the storms that we have been having! October in Argentina is the month of rain... little did they forget to mention strong winds and crazy lighting storms! So, all this past week we have just been pounded with these crazy storms! Last night we helped a man get his car unstuck from the mud... but the only thing was that his entire front wheels were stuck in the mud... so it took another car and 6 men in the dumping rain to get this car unstuck from the road! We didn’t have our boots either so the 4 of us missionaries had to go bare foot in the mud to be able to help this poor guy out! But events like that are just the summary of how this past months has gone for us here! 

Hope you all have a great week and love you all!
Elder Pedros

P.S.  I did have some dope photos for this week but ran out of time to include them! But next week si o si!

Hola fam!

So, this week was pretty good!
I’m alive and doing well!
Well transfers hit and I’m staying with Elder Steele another one! So, we will see how this one goes if we can get the work started a little bit around here! Elder Sheehan and Elder Lloyd are staying as well so the partying continues as well! Only changes are that I’m district leader again...

But we have just been pounded by hard rain and lighting... we have some videos but it would impossible to send them home! But the weather has been all over the place! Yesterday we helped a guy get his car out from the mud! But when I say out of the mud I mean his entire front bumper was under the mud... but it’s been crazy to say the least! Just out here every day working hard! enjoying the weather!

Have a great week!
Elder Peters

Friday, October 21, 2016


Hey everyone!!

Sorry for not writing last week... I just forgot to write!

But these past 2 weeks have been going pretty well!  It’s been pretty average so there hasn’t been really anything to fill you guys in!

The weather is starting to heat up a lot... my companion is from Arizona and thought he wouldn’t have a problem with the heat… he found out he was oh so very wrong... We were also welcomed in by a huge storm this past week, with high winds, dumping rain, and a huge lightning storms... we had no choice but to look for refuge from the storm all afternoon.

But not much else! my first full week having 21 years and I sure do feel it... it’s been a blast but I definitely feel old at this point in my life... I can’t tell if it’s from the age or walking 10 miles every day for a living...

but have a great week you all! love you and enjoy!
Elder Pedros!

hey fam...
So it sounds like you guys had a good week in the "storm”... meanwhile we actually did have a storm.... we got caught out in streets when it started dumping rain, gushing winds, and super strong lightning and thunder... so we had fun in that until we got the call to look for refuge... luckily we were near our recent converts house and they let us in then ran home to the pension a little early... it was not fun...

but things have been slowing down a lot here... we haven’t really seen too much success this past week so it was pretty average...

news on the package… they Zone leaders got back from Resisntencia packageless... all the packages are still in the post office waiting to be taken out, but due to a new law here in Argentina we are not able to take them out without a specific Argentine bank account... so we don’t know if we will ever see them... from rumors I have heard, Presidente Franco is trying to get all the packages in there out right now since there is a quantity of packages just sitting there... but apparently no luck so far...

But all is well! Transfers are next week! so we will see what happens!!  So I won’t be on until next Tuesday!  But love you all!  Have a great week!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Re: feliz cumpleaños


So this week was good!
Still nothing really big to fill you guys in on!!
This past week we found a family of 15 and 2 of them had already read all of the book of Mormon... but have never been to church so that could be the big problem!

My companion got bit by a dog for the first time as well!

But nothing really new!!
Elder Sheehan and Lloyd and Steele threw a mini party for me this morning with a cake and some ice cream but I didn’t tell anyone else it was my birthday so I didn’t get a load of tortas this past week!

But I won’t find out about the packages until Wednesday when we have our zone meeting.

Corrientes is a lot... harder... then Formosa
It’s a lot richer and nicer, still mainly dirt roads and things like that but the economy is definitely a lot better here. and the people are a lot more catholic! so it makes the whole day interesting to say the least! They all believe in the Virgin Maria and in Gauchito Gil... so it’s been a bit difficult to share a message about Jesus around here, hahah.

But I’m doing fine! I’ll let you know next week about the packages!!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Walked Through the River This Past Week!

Sorry for the emails getting shorter every week!   I have run out of things to email home about!

But this past week was the same old same old!
It all led up to General Conference this past weekend and it was dope! It could have been better but the down poor of rain led to some problems with the lights and satellite connection so there was a lot of running around trying to fix all the problems!!

But we just keep walking everyday making the most out of every moment! The training is going good! Elder Steele is doing just fine and adjusting well to the Argentina culture!

But miss you all and have a good week!

Elder Peters

My last week’s email was short because I ran out of thing to talk about....... Remember mom said this would happen!!  The training is going well! Yeah he’s fresh out the MTC so he doesn’t know a lot of what’s going on right now.... It’s not really hard it’s just a lot of work!!  I have only gotten a phone call about the package I have not gotten it yet so I have no idea.  Yes, McDonalds has the same food as they do in the states and it’s the same thing....

Conference was good but we had a lot of connection problems the first day so it was making it really hard to focus on it.  We watched in the gringo room but in the main room the satellite went out on their feed like 3 times so most of the members didn’t get to witness all of it. Our converts came on Sunday to hear the talks and it was a blessing to know that that’s what they needed to hear in that moment! I just hope they were listening haha. 

Tell everyone back home I say hi!

But all is well! still just out here chugging along!!


Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Week

Hello all!!

So nothing to fill y’all up on this week!

I’m still alive and chugging along!

We worked a lot then did some service and planted trees this past Saturday.  Yesterday was a holiday so we went out to work, so that why you get to hear from me today! :-)

But I’m fine! hope you all have a great week!

Elder Peters

Hey fam!!
So nothing really new this week... we went contacting a lot... found some pretty cool people but spent all week getting rejected as well...

Elder White had his surgery this past week... apparently everything looks the same down there but at least the pain is gone... doctors said it would be awhile before everything is back to normal... so I don’t know when he is expected to come back to the mission.  Things with my trainee are going well! We still struggle to find something in common between us... but we still get along just fine!!  So nothing new... Just been out working and enjoying everyday!!

Elder Peters

Still out here…

A crazy week to say the least....

Wednesday morning, I was off to Resistencia to pick up my new companion, Elder Steele! fresh from the United States! It was interesting to be back in my steps almost a year ago, first getting to Argentina… probably freaking out like these kids were... and not being able to speak Spanish... it was definitely a very funny moment and made me realize just how far I have come in the past year!

He’s from Arizona! and although we don’t really have anything in common we still get along very well and we look forward to what these next 6 weeks have in store for us!

This week we also had another baptism! well, my first one here in Corrientes! Teresa and Antonio are super awesome and The brother, who just happened to be a member of the church, of Teresa came up from Buenos Aires to do the baptism! so it was a very special moment!

Then right after the baptism we had a Capilla Abierta. It’s an activity that they are really pushing that every chapel in Argentina does! so this week was our turn here in Mapiú/Laguna Seca! It was alright!  More than anything it was just an activity to open the doors of the capilla so that people could come and know more about the capilla and what exactly is the Church of Jesus Christ! It was super fun and we had this special kit sent up to us from B.A. so the chapel looked super good!

So it was a busy week! So now this next week we look forward to getting down to work and having some fun down here!!  Hope all is well for you all back at home!

Elder Peters

Antonio and Teresa and Elder Steele!

The Barrios Family!

Part of the Capilla Abierta!

Meet your 2 hosts of the Capilla Abierta 2016
de Maipú y Laguna Seca!

Hey fam...

Dude Eli (Marsh) is old enough to serve a mission?!?! that’s crazy!!

Life here in Corrientes is the same!! My new companion is Elder Steele from Arizona!! He’s super awesome! Fresh from the MTC! We had a busy week with a baptism and a capiila abierta! So it was a good week I guess!

Sounds like you guys are keeping busy! Hope you guys have a great week! more to come in a later email!

Elder Peters