Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey everyone!!

So this week was pretty tranquilo! Elder Daniels and I are putting here in Formosa and we have really hit the ground running this past week! We talked with a lot of people and still managed to screw around and have a little fun along the way!! But other than that all is well here... 

But this past week Argentina celebrated el 25 de Mayo! No one actually knows why they celebrate it but they do... We asked about 50 people before someone finally knew... Apparently in the 1800´s the 25th of May is when the war to liberate Argentina from Spain (or England... that’s still remains an unknown fact...).  So they celebrate that day and the 9th of July which is the day they finally won the battle to liberate the country... So we will be looking forward to a lot of holidays these next few months!! But everyone celebrates by eating Locro (a traditional argentine soup made with like every vegetable and meat known to man....) It is traditional made with mondongo, cow stomach and intestines, but the Locro that we ate didn’t have that in it so it apparently wasn’t real Locro... but it was good... it tasted like a normal soup... I still don’t know why they freak out for it... But we spent all the day in the chapel eating with the members and after hitting around a volleyball with them! 

But other than that all is well with us down here!! Elder Daniels and I are just having a great time together! There is never a dull moment in our district! Elder Daniels finishes 1 year in the mission THIS FRIDAY! So this Friday will be special day that we will have to go celebrate! 

But were still alive, we found a gas tank and a little rubber coso to stop it from leaking gas (I don’t know if I told you guys that already, but we were without gas for like 5 days it sucked...) and we finally got our shower head fixed so I don’t have to worry about getting hypothermia anymore!! So right now we are living the lindo life here in Formosa, even though all but one of the lightbulbs in our penison burned out.... and we don’t have money to fix it....

But all is well! Hope you all have a good week!
With love

Elder Peters

Argentine swag for the 25 de Mayo! Blue eyes, blue ties.

All dat locro tho...

Sup Elder Fam,

So all is well here in Formosa!! Elder Daniels and I put in the WORK this week and I taught more lessons then I ever have in the mission for the week! So that was dope!! But we just spent all week working hard basically...

This past Wednesday was the start of the Argentine independence month/ day.... We asked like 50 people but all don’t actually know why they celebrate the 25 de Mayo.... But apparently it is when the battle in Buenos Aires started against Spain (or England... this is a detail that no one actually knows....) and 9 de Julio is actually the independence day.... But we still celebrated!  At the church they had an activity where they made Locro! an Argentine delicacy but it’s basically just like soup with like 50 different meats and stuff... it didn’t taste any different but the Argentines go CRAZY for it!!

But that’s about it... Not much else happened this week!! If I think of anything else, I will write it in the group email!!

Sounds like all is well back home!! Keep having fun!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


That’s right fam... I took a trip back to the United States this past week!! But without actually leaving Argentina...

So this past week I got a call saying I needed to come down to Resistencia to do some paper work for my legality stuff... So Wednesday morning I was on a bus at 5 in the morning and got to Resi at like 7… from there we got in the mission truck and drove off to Corrientes capital to sit in a chair for 5 minutes telling me that I’m LEGAL! So like 6 hours of travels... 600 pesos later... all to lead up to the 5-minute wait just to receive some papers.... so that was fun! 

But Corrientes is AWESOME! I have been in Formosa for so long I forgot what the real world looks like! But there’s parts of Corrientes that look like the United States, especially the mall, where we went for lunch and enjoyed the only McDonalds in our entire mission! So it was nice to live the Lindo life for a day (aka The States life...) But after that I was on the first bus back to Formosa.... so now I’m back to the pobre life.....

So I don’t know if I already told y’all this but apparently the Indians (my homies out in Nonqom) have like super awesome dreams just every night! Well one of the members (Luis) told us he had a dream that He had to cross this super strong river that was washing away and killing a lot of people, but luckily, Elder Daniels and I were there, walking on the water, and helped him cross and get to safety! Like yeah missionaries are pretty cool and all, but I do still fault the walking on water part!

But other than that were just doing fine! Elder Daniels and I are bros! We are just goofing around up here and dancing around the pension every day to church music... its super fun and we are just making the most out of our time here in Formosa!!

But that’s all for this week! Love you all
Have a great week!
Elder Peters

Sup Elder Fam!

So this past week was really tranquilo again... it’s getting to the point where nothing new is going on hahaha Elder Daniels and I are just chuggin’ along everyday just chillin’ with the investigators! But I did make a trip back to Resistencia this week and I’m finally LEGAL! So that was probably the highlight of the week but not much else!!

So that was dope but right now we are having problems finding our progressing investigators so right now we have like 0.... we have some dope plans to get to work in this next week so we will see!!

But everything is good and mom luckily Elder Daniels likes to cook so I am getting fed well even though the trip to Resistencia left me with 0 money the rest of the month... so hopefully we survive.............

But not much else happened... When are Kirstin and Ron getting married?? Did Will and Astrid get back to Oregon?? When is the graduation??

But all is well! I’m alive and well!

Until next week!


Foto with George the cat!

Formosa Cruz at 5 in the morning

Back in the States! (AKA Corrientes shopping mall)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Varas de Fuego

¡Sup fam!

So not a lot went down this past week... Elder Daniels is still getting adjusted to the area and so we went out to walk the calle and taught some lessons along the way!  It’s his first time in Formosa and he is super excited to be here where people actually want to talk to us!  We have hit it off really well and we have even started writing some wraps together (some "fire bars" digamos) So be expecting the hottest mixtape of 2016 to be dropping from Formosa Argentina here in the near future!

But I don’t have a lot to talk about this week! It was just a week of getting to know the new comp and hit the ground running with a new face and style here in Formosa! But we are just having a great time together have been laughing since the time he stepped off the bus!

But this next week I’m doing a bit of traveling to go do paperwork to finally get my Argentine ID! So I’ll be going to Corrientes this week to finalize all my stuff and sitting in Argentine government office is always super fun right??

But all is going well!! I’m still healthy and chugging along speaking Spanish which is still kind of weird to think about....

Hope all is well back home with all of you guys!
With love,
Elder Pedros

Jon and Jon: Me and my comp just chillin'

Hola fam

So everything is super good down here!! me and my comp are doing awesome and he’s in shock, it’s his first time in Formosa and he’s just shocked about how many lesson we teach in a day... we only teach like 2 or 3 in a day... apparently in Corrientes a 0 lesson day is normal hahaha But we are super excited! The work has kind of slowed down here after we had all those baptisms but we are finding new people every day!

But not much else has gone on since last week! Elder Daniels is still getting adjusted to the area so were just out teaching charlas and still getting to know each other! We have hit it off really well and have had a great time together even though we don’t even have a full week together!

But like in terms of things I would want like sí o sí some peanut butter... it’s hard to find here and when you do its super expensive... Like I don’t really have a favorite candy... anything that is American is perfectly fine with me!!! 

It’s nice to see that dad was able to pull off the whole breakfast thing... Its sounded like it was a really stressor and obstacle he had to overcome in life.......

Mom I’m getting enough food I’m fine...

And Elder Sears doesn’t need anything more mom his mom already send him enough as is....

But that’s about it!! I’m still alive!
Have a great week!                                                                                                             
Love you all,



Sup everyone!!

So this past week was tranquilo no mas.... We had a leader from our church come and give capcitations and all that fun stuff so we didn’t see a lot of time to work in our area this past week... But all is well! We capped the week talking with our families over skype for Mother’s Day! So that was dope and all.

At the Mulizona...reunited and it feels so 
good with Elder Carrizales
But yesterday we saw transfers and the news is I’m staying!! 6 more weeks in Formosa in Barrio Nomqom!! but my comp, Elder Sears, got the ax... He left yesterday morning for Pasos de Los Libres in Corrientes... So my new comp is Elder Daniels from Pennsylvania! I love this guy already he is so funny!! We’re going to have a great time together these next 6 weeks!! He has never been in the city before so for him being in Formosa Capital will be a big change for him thankfully he’s got me as a comp, someone who has never left the big city yet for campo...

But Not much else went down or is worthy of telling... I’m just stoked to stay here in Formosa especially in Nonqom where the people are just so awesome and you can’t walk down the road without a group of 15 little kids running up and tackling you yelling "ABRAZO ABRAZO!!!" which just means hug... So it should be fun! They’re like a family to us missionaries out there!!

But have a great week! Hope all is well with you all back home!!
Elder Peters

Aguante Boca

Sup dad

So we didn’t really work at all this past week... with multizonas, stake conference, skype and all that stuff we didn’t see a lot of time to work in our area... so nothing new really....

But it was nice talking to you guys! literally like 10 minutes after I hung up we got a call saying that Elder Sears is leaving for Pasos de los Libros... so I’m still here in Formosa with my new comp Elder Daniels from Pennsylvania!! He’s super dope and like a foot taller than me so it will be fun!! He’s a really good guy!!

Not going to lie I saw the Blazers last night after Steph dropped 40... we went to a restaurant for the birthday of our zl and it was all over Sportscenter down here... but it was weird to see the Rose Garden in all its glory down here in Argentina!  It’s a shame they’re down 3-1 in the series....
But all is well!! going to be putting in some work this week!!

Have a great one!

Elder Peters

Friday, May 6, 2016

From 100 to 0 REAL Quick!

Hello everyone!!

So this past week we had a blizzard in Formosa!! Not really, but it did get cold REAL fast!! The week before we enjoyed sunny skies and 90 degrees but then Tuesday morning we woke up and it was 35 degrees... so we practically were dying this whole week, not of heat exhaustion, but of hypothermia... That’s a new one... But it was fun!  No one wanted to talk to us! And we also didn’t have a heater and we don’t have hot water, so that big water tank on top of our house was nice and ice cold for us waking up and showering every morning :) We have turned to showering out of buckets just so we could have warm water that we heated up on the stove top.... But we managed and we are still alive and frost bite free! Luckily when we went out to Nomqom they all had campfires going so we got to get all nice and warm!!

We didn’t see much else this week!  Like I said no one wanted to leave their beds so everyone told us to just go away and leave them alone... so it was an alright week! Luckily we always had milk and chocolate in the pension waiting for us every time we got back! And the people we did talk to have been making some amazing progress!! So hopefully we will be seeing a lot of success these next couple of weeks!!

Not much else has gone on this week!  Only just the cold and more cold... but we still manage to have the time of our lives down here!  Even if it means almost pushing your comp in the zanja (ditch) every know and them ;) 

But have a good week! Miss you all! I won’t be writing until next Tuesday as next week are transfers! So I’ll be writing you all then! and Mom and Dad I’ll be skyping you Sunday for mother’s day:)

Curled up next to the campfire with puppies

The District before transfers

Hello fam,

Just to get skype out of the way...
We have stake conference and transfers this next week, so it’s going to be a little hectic and the only time we see fit is around like 5-7 which I understand is right when church starts, it’s like 12-2 your time or something like that... 1-3... I know its inconvenient but we are having a crazy week this week with the area 70 coming, stake conference, and transfers, so I’m sorry if its inconvenient for you guys!! Its crazy cause I called you guys yesterday and now it’s already that time again... so time is flying I guess.

Glad to see things are going really well for you guys back home!!  Staying busy I assume?  Just tell Kirstin to stop flirting with the missionaries in the ward.... But will the house be completely different when I get home or will you guys even still be living there???

This week was alright...
It dropped down to like 35 degrees so we died of hypothermia.... especially since we didn’t have a heater until Friday and we still don’t have warm water… so all the water in the water tank above our house is almost frozen just in time for our shower time in the morning:) But I also didn’t have any cold weather gear so I did have to be disobedient and wear my Oregon sweatshirt out working, luckily I just threw on the black rain coat to cover up my disobedience....

It was also hard to get lessons since no one wanted to leave their beds, but luckily out in Nomqom we got to have all our charlas (lessons) next to campfires to keep us warm!  But we don’t have any baptisms scheduled for the near future... so we will see!!   But we are super excited that one of our investigators who is an evegelico pastor told us that he prayed and knew that the book of Mormon was true! so after 2 months, now his progress is shooting through the roof!

But all is well right now!! Things are tranquilo and Elder Sears and I are starting to get scared it might be our last week together... I’m still only eating rice and noodles and sometimes meat... we have been splurging to get some peppers and onions thrown in there!!

But besides the cold I’m fine!  All is well and I look forward to calling you Sunday! I know mom will be waiting by the computer all day so if there’s a change in plans she will already be there ready to talk!

Have a great week!
Elder Peters