Sunday, November 27, 2016

Aguantá los patos

Hey everyone!!

So, this week was kind of really fast! My companion had to do some paperwork for his immigration stuff so we spent most of all of Wednesday in Resistencia then all of Thursday in the immigration office here in Corrientes so I just got to chill while he did all of his stuff! So, I had a few days off I guess to catch up on sleep and things like that! Then we did more divisions with the asistentes this week and this time I left with Elder Webster from Canada! We had so much fun! We got a little bit trunky talking about hockey and lacrosse and stuff and just basic Northwesterner stuff!  But that was about it for the week!  We are still out here chugging along! Hope you all enjoy a great thanksgiving week back at home!

With love
Elder Peters

Plaza in our area.. Barrio Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

The heat hasn’t been to terrible to be honest!  My comp is dying though so it’s kind of funny.  I don’t remember what couple I was talking about... we don’t really have any solid investigators right now.... The tree thing yes was an activity that we did as a district... I haven’t had the chance to do any other service at all in the mission... just in a sense that now I understand the necessity of the gospel in our lives!  Yes, they have that program (Teaching the Saviors Way) here in Argentina… I don’t really know much else other then they have it!

And correction mom... it wasn’t a peanut butter that I liked but I just found peanut butter in general... perks of being here in Corrientes Capital! so now I enjoy all the luxuries of U.S. living! except carpet...I have maybe gained like 2 or 3 pounds here in Corrientes... but that’s not a lot compared to the 40 I have lost so far...

But all is well... we spent all week in the immigration office doing stuff for Elder Steele and tomorrow we have a Multi zona all day long... so we will see how that goes!  But I’m doing good! hope all is well back home and you guys enjoy your LAST Thanksgiving without me! (just had to put you guys trunky!)


Your son:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ilumina el Mundo Not the Pension!!

Hey everyone!!

So, this week was a good one!

First off we have been working hard to push the new up and coming Christmas intuitive of the church called "ilumina el munda" that drops the 26th of this month! so we have planned right now to make a whole bunch of Chinese lanterns and light them off right in the middle of Capital Corrientes to literally illuminate the world! 

Well us and the other Elders in Laguna Seca (Elder Sheehan and Elder Lloyd... obviously) have been experimenting a lot with these lanterns trying to figure out how to actually do them... well that obviously comes with some trial and error... We found out that 1) paper is really flammable... especially mixed with alcohol and 2) it’s best NOT to make these things inside your apartment... it’s an outside activity... because about 2 or 3 times now we have almost caught the apartment on fire.... so we finally decided we aren’t going to kill ourselves and all the member and their friends so the mission office is going to send us a bunch of kits from Buenos Aires to make them... in a lot safer and a more fun manner!

Also, right now the mission is pushing hard for Corrientes to become a stake (for all the Mormons that know what that is:) right now so they have been pushing us to go out hard every single day. I’m assuming it is on Presidente Francos “To Do” list before he bounces out in June of next year! But the assistants to the President are coming out to Corrientes every day they can to come work with us so this last Tuesday was Maipú´s for them to come put in work! And it was alright! it wasn’t anything magical or anything... just the same old same old! but it was nice to get to know them a a little better and spend the day with them!

But all is well!
One to the next one!
Elder Peters

Trial 1... plastic melts and burns your skin a lot....

I haven’t heard anything about the elections here... all the people say is "what do you think about your new president?" and we just say "well....... who is our new president??" yes the election was big down here! They care about it more than they do their own election!

That’s cool that in the States they can actually do things like no knock November... because here that would leave every missionary with nothing to do.... Just think about how frustrating it can be when the missionaries ask if you have anyone to teach and you guys say no... that’s my life everyday....

We spend a lot of time with Elder Sheehan an Elder Lloyd especially with this up and coming activity... you haven’t seen the Christmas video yet because it doesn’t come out until the 26th of this month... I haven’t even seen it yet... I will probably see it the 22nd when we have a multizona in Resistencia! but we will see!

But I hope that you guys are staying safe up there! Sounds pretty crazy! Sounds like things are just as they always are!!  It’s just been getting hotter and hotter every day!

But have a great week!
with love

Short Update

Hey everyone!
It’s all fine here in Corrientes Capital!   The weather has been heating up a lot making the thought of the upcoming summer unbearable!  Today we found the only peanut butter that is sold in the mission so I am a very content man right now... 100 pesos later...

But it was a very tanquilo week nothing new went down! We just keep on trucking down here!
Hope you all had a good week and a Happy Halloween!

Elder Peters
I still love my ducks

Hey fam

So, we are all good here still in Corrientes! not a lot has changed this past week! we have found about 2 or 3 really prepared people that truly have interest in our message so we will see how they progress! But other than that, it has been tranquilo! It’s starting to get hotter here every day... it hit me today that we were in November already and just how fast the year has flown by!  We didn’t have district meeting this week we had zone meeting! We talked about the upcoming Christmas initiative of the church;) so we got a little sneak peek before you guys did;) 

Sounds like you had a good time with Grandma this past week!

But all is well! I found Peanut Butter today! So I’m so PUMPED! I love Corrientes now!!
But I love you all have a great week!
Elder Peters

Does San La Muerte Celebrate Halloween?

Hey Everyone!
Happy Halloween!

Hope you are all having a great time and are going to enjoy your holiday! Because here they don’t have Halloween... Just to fill you guys in on a little cultural fact of Corrientes that I had yet to tell you guys about… here in Corrientes (not really anywhere else in Argentina I think) there’s some people that believe in a saint that calls itself "San La Muerte" which just means The Death Saint. You see a lot of it down here (along with Gauchito Gil... obviously) in Corrientes... so all around our area you just see statues of the Grim Reaper that the people worship! So I think this will be the closest I get to Halloween in my time here in Argentina!!

But we had a good week! We had another round of entrevistsas with Presidente Franco!  All is well and we’re just chugging along down here! Other than that, it was a pretty tranquilo week to be honest! Just like every other week... luckily we didn’t see any tormentos this past week! Just straight sun and hot weather!

But we are good! All is well! It’s hard to believe that October is over already!!
Have a great week!
Elder Peters

dear family...

Answers to questions
  1. No they don’t celebrate here... maybe like 2 or 3 kids I have seen with costumes... I explained San La Muerte in the other email but have yet to see any weird parties for him since today is P-day.
  2. Yes my comp is doing fine and he is learning the language well.  We are very different people so sometimes we have our days.
  3. My Spanish is fine; all Latin’s tell me the only thing I need to improve is having a Latin companion.
  4. DL does not come with much responsibility.  I call 1 set of Elders and ask how their day went then call the ZLs... then give a capcitation here and there.
  5. Yes the members feed us! Yesterday we had that fish that I also sent a picture with in the other email.  They’re the best.
  6. I have been eating a lot more dinner type food... I would usually only ever eat breakfast and lunch and that was enough to keep me satisfied.  Now we are starting to eat a little bit more at the night time even though I don’t really like eating at 9:30 at night.
  7. We go to restaurants every P-day.  The restaurant we went to today had Teriyaki Salmon for 200 pesos... Thank goodness our money came this morning.
  8. Yes we are eating a lot more then noodles and BBQ sauce.  The perks of having members feeding you also means you have more money.
  9. Yes I have gotten the cards.  Its nice to see a little bit of Portland every once and a while
  10. Just packages… we can still get mail
  11. Yes I survived the winter without the electric blanket.
  12. I haven’t been studying a lot of the Book of Mormon much lately... I’m studying the Old Testament right now actually making it hard to believe that people actually believe in saints down here when the theme of the books of Moses are "don’t believe in saints or you will die". But I have already read through the Book of Mormon twice, same with the new testament... read through all the books in the mission library, and preach my gospel who knows how many times... Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine and Covenants as well... So, my goal is to read the bible cover to cover by the end of the mission.

But it sounds like things are going well with you guys... Sounds like Will is inching himself away from you guys little bits at a time and that Rachel is still a nerd and Sydney is her same old same old. It’s hard to believe that Sam is already home... and I didn’t even know Tanner Hall was leaving on a mission... who all do we have out on missions now in the ward and where are they’re at? Everything is fine here with us! Every day is the same! we are just out here working every day!

Elder Pedros

How we eat on Pday... Teriyaki Salmon...
Some of the best fish that Corrientes and the Rio Paraná has to offer

Bad weather means getting peoples cars unstuck from the road in our bare feet....

Saw Elder Sears again during Transfers!

Part of Elder Sheehans area