Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Card from Paso de los Libres

Merry Christmas from Paso de los Libres!
Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a happy new year!
I skyped with the family yesterday and they are all doing well!
Elder Peters

Hey all! so just so ya know I haven’t died since yesterday! but we are doing well and the rain started up today!  A grand total of 18 people showed up to church yesterday and the AC was broken so we were all just sweaty messes... so it wasn’t my favorite Christmas sacrament meeting... but it was fine! Elder Curtis and his family are fine!  I’ll maybe put a little more in the group one! but love you all!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

On the Road Again!

Hey everyone!

So, this week was pretty good! Accompanied by more traveling! We had to make a trip back to Resistencia and back to Corrientes Capital and then later in the week we spent the day down in a city called Curuzú Cuatiá with the missionaries that are down there! It’s been exciting but all the traveling and lack of sleep has just wrecked me... But we are doing good getting ready for Christmas this next week! Hope you all are enjoying the snow back at home! The heat is just cranking up a little more every day and the humidity out here is the worst I have probably ever felt in my life...

But have great Christmas week! Miss and love you all!
Elder Pedros

I WILL BE SKYPING AT 4 PM OUR TIME... SO LIKE 11 your time I think....
So this week was kind of a long one... We were preparing for a baptism this Saturday but it fell through Saturday morning... so we will be postponing it for a later date...But yes, we have been traveling a lot still... this week will be a little more laid back as we only have to make 2 trips (one to Mercedes for district meeting and then back to Curuzú Cuatiá for divisions).  My companion only has 1 more transfer than I do so he has 6 more weeks than I do... how many months that is I have no idea... I’ll leave you guys to do the math since I know you’re keeping track haha.  Yes we got his paperwork done but still doesn’t have his Argentine ID card making it almost impossible to travel sometimes without a physical ID.  So, they have city buses which are the old, overcrowded ones.... But the buses here for long distance travel are the double decker ones with the seats that lean back:) They run all the time just not at the times we need them to run... but they’re actually really nice! They can be expensive but luckily as Zone Leaders the mission gives us money to travel... because we don’t even have enough of our own money to buy the amount of buses we have to take in a month...But yeah, this transfer I think I have already logged 30 hours or so in bus rides alone... so it can be rough but that’s just my life at this point...  but it sounds like everything is just great back home!! 

Have a great Anniversary as well! 
Talk to you SUNDAY!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Life is a highway...

Well I don’t really have anything to fill you guys on this week!

I literally spent all of my time on buses this past week traveling to Corrientes, Resistencia, and Mercedes so I really had no time here in Paso de los Libres!

I got to Pasos this Monday and went back to Corrientes Capital on Wednesday, was in Resistencia on Thursday, then we went to Mercedes for another meeting and did divisions with some other Elders over there then got back to Pasos de los Libres Saturday really early in the morning... so my life this past week was just spent on the road!

I get to go back to Resistencia this next week as well to do some more paperwork for my companion because he still does not have his Argentine ID... making it harder for us to do all of this traveling... and as well we will be making our way down to Curuzú Cuatiá to visit the Elders down there... which just means another bus ride... so there are no breaks for us here in Pasos de los Libres... Just livin’ the life! 

But I love you all! have a great week!
Elder Peters!

Representin' in Resistencia

Zona de Paso de los Libres
My new area is good! I haven’t really had a lot of time to work here yet due to a bunch of meetings that we have been having in other parts of the mission! But yes, all the leaders are native’s dad...... We have a meeting with our District President tomorrow! and yes, I’m a Zone Leader and a District Leader still! So, I have the 2 titles to my name right now... And yeah to do divisions nothing has really changed... we still have to travel a lot... it sucks... I hate sitting on the buses.... we travel the most I think of all other Zone Leaders in the mission...

And yeah there’s actually a lot of Latino missionaries in the mission right now so I don’t know why all of mine have been gringos... I guess I was just never meant to learn Spanish am I, right?


And thanks mom! me and my companion are on the verge of burning all of our socks... so some money to buy more would be awesome!!

Yes, I have gotten very tan... I have the coolest tan lines ever! and only my nose sun burns now...
But I’m doing fine! living the life every day at a time! I’m going to enjoy these next couple transfers I know it!  The only thing I know about skype is that we will for sure be able to skype the 25th of December:)

But have great week!
Love you all!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Steps of the Free

Hey everyone!

So this past week was pretty awesome!  I spent my last week in Capital! We had some pretty dope work going down right as I was leaving so that sucked to leave that all behind but then I  got transferred!

So, I got transferred to a place called Paso de Los Libres!  I’m still in the province of Corrientes but its a little town right on the border of Brazil!  So I might be learning a bit of Portuguese during my time here!  But I’m super excited for a change!  My new companion is named Elder Curtis from a small town in Texas called Alpine! He’s super tranquilo and we will be passing Christmas and New Year’s together! but we are the only 2 in the city so we will see what goes down!  But in this zone me and him basically will just be traveling a lot! We have the assignment to be head of all the other missionaries in this area of Corrientes, and the closest other missionaries live about 2 hours away so we will see how that goes!  But this week we will be having a meeting in Resistencia so we will be on a bus all day tomorrow for the meeting Thursday, then staying the day in Mercedes, Corrientes all day Friday, so I won’t even be getting to know Paso very well my first week here!

It’s awesome and super tranquilo here in the campo! For once I’m not in a big city!  The only thing is that its HUMID!!! Like bad!! We are literally in the middle of the jungle and right on the outskirts in the biggest wetlands in all of Argentina! (one of the few national parks that they have here in the country!)

But I’m doing good still getting adjusted to the new traveling lifestyle a little bit! I haven’t really traveled long distances yet in the mission but now luckily I am in the second highest traveling area in the mission (2nd only to the 2 guys that travel through ALL of Formosa) so it will be fun and tiring all mixed into one!!

But I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

Love Elder Peters

Brazil from the costanera of Libres
Sorry to hear that everyone is getting sick this week!

So question time... when the Elder’s and Sister’s come for dinner do you have a huge combined dinner with all 4 of them?? In this mission we aren’t even really allowed to talk with the sister missionaries let alone do activities and meals together... and no we didn’t watch the Christmas devotional... We actually work in this mission instead of watching Christmas stuff... (calling out the missionaries in the home ward).  They do show it in the chapels here in Argentina sometimes but we as missionaries don’t have permission to go and watch it unless we have an investigator or something like that!

I haven’t really talked to Chadd no.. I haven’t kept up with him at all... we just doing our own thing!  Speaking of Christmas, I haven’t heard anything about skype yet but here in this mission we only have sacrament meeting then we are spending the rest of the day in the pension (besides to skype you guys of course).

But all is well here in Paso de los Libres! Being a zone leader is going to be rough in this zone because we spend a lot of time traveling and stuff like that... the other missionaries in our zone are in Mercedes (home of the saint, Gauchito Gil), and Curuzú Cuatiá (since I know you guys like to Google map this kind of stuff) so we have to go out to those places almost every week to do divisions with them and stuff!

But it’s all good just getting ready for the humidity here in the jungle!

Love you all!
go Ducks

Elder Peters

Friday, December 2, 2016

Puede Ser the Last One in Corrientes

Well we actually had a pretty busy week this week!

This past Tuesday we made a trip out to Resistencia for a multizona with all of the missionaries in the province of Corrientes and Santa Fe! It was DOPE and I got to see all of the other missionaries from my old areas! and the most historic of them all... Elder Sheehan, Elder Cornell, and I were together for the FIRST time since the MTC! 1 year later! (see picture below) It was a very sweet moment that we shared and there might have been a few tears shed along the way! I also saw Elder Sears and some other people from Formosa days but that was about it!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we went back to Parrilon! because who doesn’t want an all you can eat BBQ on Thanksgiving day? The same day we did divisions with the Zone Leaders... this time I went back to Laguna Seca with Elder Lloyd and we had to make another trip back to Resistencia to help some other Elders who had lost their cell phone in Corrientes.

Yesterday we had an AWESOME activity to get people animated for the new Christmas video called (Ilumina El Mundo) (can be found on, watch it... its dope...) and it was easily the best activity we have ever had in our mission! It was sure fun to just cheese with some members and get ourselves stoked to literally "illuminate the world" this December (more to come on that... hopefully... transfers are next week...

To celebrate our last P-day we made Churripan and chilled no mas! It was really tranquilo to just chill with these 4 guys (Elders, Sheehan, Lloyd, and Steele, for the last time since transfers are already coming around again!

So I will write you all next week! maybe from a new part of the country! quien sabe? but I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Peters

Elders Peters, Cornell and Sheehan

With my friend Alfredo Gonzalez