Monday, February 29, 2016

Everything is pretty tranuilo this past week

Hey all!

So everything is pretty tranuilo this past week! Elder Sears and I are already best bros and are just having so much fun down here!  Formosa is just so amazing and beautiful and the people here are soooo much nicer and laid back then the people in Chaco.  Every time I tell someone that I came from Chaco they just laugh because they felt bad for me, I was stuck down there hahaha.  So I don’t think there will be any problems here! Besides the fact that it was the end of the month so we were super poor, especially having to buy my bus ride up here.  So me and my comp have been eating rice and eggs for like every meal until we get more money on the 1st....

So the work here is like super bomb, all our investigators are just all so perfect, like 5 times this past week people have said "yeah like I read the Book of Mormon every day and it just has helped me in my life and we love it when you guys come over because we just feel so much better about our day! So we will have some success this transfer!

We continue to work with the colony of people, we feel really bad though because our working hours in the afternoon are from 4-9, well by the time we get out to nonquan its about 5 and we have to catch the 8 o’clock bus ride back or else we would have to hitch hike back to our area. But one of the members (his name is Hernan) just wants everyone in his family to learn about the gospel so every time we go over there we don’t have enough time to visit everyone he wants us to teach! We will just be walking and he will stop and be like "yo so my brother lives here should we stop by?" and we have to be like "we would love to! but we have to catch the collectivo right now.... maybe next time...?" so it’s rough but there are so many people there just waiting for us to visit out there every day... like literally we will show up to a house and they’ll be like 15 people there and they’re all like "yeah we’ve been waiting all afternoon for you guys..." so that’s like our biggest struggle in the area right now...

But all is well down here!! We are moving into a new pension town that is right in our area this next week so we don’t have to take a 20-minute bus ride plus 10-minute walk to our area every day!  So we are pretty stoked for that!  Everything is just going well!

Hope you all have a good week! hope all continues to go well back in the States with you all! keep me updated! I’m isolated from American culture down here!!

With Love,
Elder Peters

PS... this week I got pics to send but my SD card got a virus when I plugged it in.  So if you know how to fix that let me know...
Yeah everyone in the family actually emailed me this past week so I got filled in with all that stuff, glad to see everything continues to be going and just chugging along back home!

Things down here are just great! Here in Formosa it’s a lot hotter and a lot poorer.  The weather has not changed at all... still hot...  Yes, it is a lot more rural then Resistencia... like a lot... it’s really different here but the people are also a lot nicer! We have been super poor as well since all the rest of my money goes to the buses we have to take... so we, me and Elder Sears, have been eating noodles and rice all week, maybe if we wanted to splurge we would buy meat to go along with it... but money comes in tomorrow so all will be good! We will also be moving into a new pension this week that is in our area so that cuts down on the money used to buy bus tickets every day!

But all is well, everyone here in super prepared, I talk a lot about it in my other email... but the work here is sooo good! and Elder Sears and I are working really well together!  We have the same amount of time in Argentina together so sometimes the lessons are interesting but we have enough Spanish down to get us by each day!

Yesterday a guy form the states was visiting our ward, he was dropping 105k on a trip down here to visit all of his old areas that he served and visit his converts!  He was super awesome and had some really cool stories about the mission not even 10 years ago, apparently things have gotten like 100x better in terms of the treatment of missionaries and pensions! so I guess I got lucky! But he brought us all Reese’s so our fridge has a bunch of Reese’s now!  I have never tasted anything so good!

But things are sooo good!  Tomorrow we are going to centro Formosa capital to help 2 of our investigators from this little colony called nonquan get married so they can get baptized! so that will be fun! there are just so many bomb people here!!  They just need to come to church....

But hey my SD card got a virus.  So if you know anyone in the ward that knows how to fix that or has some program they could send me that would be great... It didn’t delete my pictures but when I try to access my photos it either freezes my camera or if I’m on the computer it will just eject my SD card then like plug itself in making it impossible to upload pictures... so help pls...

But all is well here!! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Peters

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Que Hermosa Que Sos Formosa

Transfers! y.... me voy!
That’s right! I got transferred! I’m out here chillin’ in Formosa capital now! I’m in an area called Circunvalación right now with my new comp, Elder Sears, from Georgia! Things are going to be so awesome here! Our area includes part of Formosa Capital but also includes a little colony just right outside of the city! The colony is super dope and all the people there are super awesome! They speak Spanish just as well as we do because they actually have their own language called tubo or something like that! It’s pretty dope and Formosa is so beautiful, so many palm trees and rivers and the sunsets are unreal!! I Love it here so much already! But once you get transferred into Formosa you are there for a looonnngggg time, so it might be a while until I see Chaco or Corrientes!

But my last week in Resi was alright! The bromance of Elder Johnson and Elder Peters finally broke off with these transfers, he actually got transferred as well right across the street to Barranqueres in place of Elder Karmonov who just returned home to Buenos Aires today! But I kind of miss Peurto Vilelas and the members there! But obviously I’m needed somewhere else!

Not a lot went down in my last week though. We did see another death in the ward here. A mother of 3 died of a bacterial infection from the water that literally ate away her insides.  We went and gave her a blessing last Monday and she looked in such bad shape, then Wednesday we got a text saying she had passed... These are the times its sucks to be a missionary.  You get the full picture of people’s lives.  You so close to these people you’re like family, but that means being involved in their lives, especially when things get super rough, like a death... But that’s the life of a missionary! You just have to keep looking up!

But hope you all have a good week! All is well here! I’m healthy, I’m safe hopefully... I’m still new here so I don’t know how safe it is here...and just keep chugging along every day!
Have a good week!
Elder Peters
So fresh and so clean.

hey fam!

So still nothing really personal to share this week either... everything else will just come in my weekly email! But I got transferred! I’m up in Formosa Capital right now with my new companion Elder Sears from Georgia! It’s been pretty chill here I only have about 24 hours here so far so all has been well! Formosa is so pretty but the centro is super gross and back of street markets.  But the area is super dope! Things have just been chugging along! Elder Johnson got moved up to Zone leader across the hall with Elder Hendersen back in Chaco for his last 2 transfers! But the people here in Formosa are awesome! Things just continue to go really well.  Glad to hear back home things are going well, Rachel sent me an email crying about the play so I already heard... Haven’t heard from Will at all so his loss.  But just make sure to get the new carpet before I get home! Man I miss that stuff!  But I’m doing just fine... broke after traveling at the end of the month... but I’m fine!
Hope all continues to go well!
Elder Peters

Monday, February 15, 2016

Kissing in the rain

So this week was pretty low key, it’s the last week of the transfer so it might be my last week with Elder Johnson, but we will be off to bigger things I guess!  We had some pretty good lessons this past week but nothing too exciting, and we aren’t waiting on any baptisms this next week so we won’t be seeing anything too exciting this next week either.

But the most exciting thing this past week was I got to go do paperwork in Corrientes to become legal!  After being illegal since basically day 1, we went off to Corrientes to a little tiny building, and all we had to do was sign a paper, wait 4 hours, sign another paper, then wait another 4 hours... and all that just for a piece of paper saying that I’m legal!!.... until May.... so before May, I get to go back and do the whole thing all over again then I will be official, official for all 2 years! But what was most exciting was seeing my old comp from the MTC, Elder Cornell. He is up in Las Lamitas, Formosa which is the furthest north that there are missionaries. but we just had a great time and caught up on life!

Elder Cornell and I in Corrientes capital

Elder Sheehan!  Saw him a little after we had 
given the blessing after the hospital

I also got the chance to give a blessing to a mom of a member who was getting ready to go into heart surgery... it was such an awesome experience and it taught me just how quickly you just fall in love with the people here!  The people are awesome and we only had the chance to talk with this woman for like 5 minutes and do the blessing and she was just so great.  Well later that day we got a call saying she died... it was so heart breaking Elder Johnson and just stopped in the street and almost cried... but that’s why I am thankful for the gospel we have and knowing that there is more than just this life she has to look forward to.

And of course yesterday was valentine’s day, we spent all afternoon working in the rain, it rained so hard we had to take cover under a tree. then Elder Johnson just turns to me and says "just think about how fetching romantic this is... Valentine’s day, standing in the rain..." I just started stepping away from him like "bro…I know you got 21 months in the mission but that is just a little too much bruh...." just the comments that are made between Elder Johnson and I always keeps us laughing hahaha.

That’s the life of the mission I guess! every week is just a roller coaster of emotion and things going down!! not much else happened, we just had stuff to do to always keep us on our feet and running around.. But all is well! I’m doing just fine!

Hope all is well back home! Love you all!
Elder Peters

Hey fam,

So all is well this past week!
We won’t be having a baptism this next week, the last week of the transfer, since none of our investigators attended church this past week... so you hate to see it... but we are still having some really good lessons and all! we are finding so many good people and the week we had wasn’t all too bad, like we still do Book of Mormon work but we just have problems getting people in the water.

But this past week was kind of busy... we went to Corrientes to become legal, kind of, until May when I will have to go back again... so you just hate to see it...

We also had a churripan, which is basically where you eat sausage and bread. it was a priesthood activity we were invited to and no one else showed up except for us elders and the elders quorum president... so we ate lots of churrizo, haha.

We also had my first consejo de barrio this past week (ward council) they’re apparently not very common here in the mission… but it lasted 3 hours.... 3 hours... so you know how boring these meetings are?!?!

But overall a good week but nothing too amazing happened spiritually... I’m still doing well, I have not gotten sick yet, and I’m still paranoid every time I see a mosquito since Dengue is still flying around! But I’m sure I’ll be fine!

Have a good week! love you all
Elder Peters

Monday, February 8, 2016


Hello everyone!!!

Another low key week.... We got a lot of work done this week with the little time we had!

Definitely the highlight of the week though was when I was in centro Resistencia I saw I guy on a moto wearing a Portland Timbers jersey! I saw him and yelled "TIMBERS!!!" and he turned around and gave me a thumbs up! I would have totally copped a pic with him but he kept on driving his moto.  A few weeks ago I saw a super fake Oregon Ducks shirt in Resi as well! and you could tell it was fake because it was Orange and black.... awkward....

But this past week I got to go to police station and get fingerprinted as well... that was sketchy but I’m working on getting my paperwork done for my visa still... This next Wednesday I head out to Corrientes to become legal! next week I will have a special pic with Elder Cornell!! my MTC comp who will be going to Corrientes with us!  Super stoked to finally see him after a few months apart!

The bus system here also had a 24-hour strike on Friday.  So all the buses shut down for the day and we had appointments all over the place all day.  We probably spent more time walking that day than anything else… and just our luck it was pushing like 110 that day as well... yay...

But nothing else really happened! we might be having 2 baptisms this next week so updates to come!!

With love
Elder Peters

PS... I have a pic as well of me with a horse but my ghetto computer won’t let me send it.... so ya just hate to see it....

Yes, we got our air conditioner is fixed and no there are never cold days here.... When there’s clouds and rain it gets super humid... so even when there’s no sun you’re still just wet all the time.... We actually had a really good experience this past week with a partial family. Only the mom is a member and when we show up and are talking and sharing scriptures the husband is like "I really like you guys you’re not super stiff and strict like all the other Elders!" and after talking a little more he’s just like "I just want to know why so many bad things have happened in my life because I have had so many problems" and of course we open up to Ether 12:27 and share it and the wife is balling and she’s just like "this is exactly what you need in your life right now" so both him and his daughter have agreed to meet with us since were not the super strict missionaries that are always "Bautizate, sos pecador!" type deal.. so we will see how they progress!  The most interesting food has been this little paste they put on bread... turns out its cow tongue butter stuff... pretty good actually... and I have eaten liver as well!  Glad to see all is well at home!! All the roommates are doing well, no one has died yet!  I’m sorry you haven’t seen Elder Dexter for a while mom.... But I’m glad you guys are finding things to keep you busy!  I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life when I get home....

Tell the hometeaching family’s I miss them as well!
Love you all and have a good week!!
Elder Peters

Monday, February 1, 2016


Hey all,
So yet again this past week has been pretty low key... not a lot has been going on here but we try to keep on our toes all the time!

The only thing going on this week was we spent it mostly doing service, one of the members in our ward in the past week had a pipe burst in their house, their computer broke, and their fridge stopped running.  So they were without water, without a place to put food, and without the computer the wife can’t work and they can’t talk with their son who is on a mission in Columbia.  So we spent some time trying to fix the computer, buying parts for the fridge, trying to fix the fridge, and all that fun stuff.  Didn’t get it working though since the entire system is just burned dead.  So all the work we put in all week and still none of the stuff works.

After that there was a family in the ward where all the kids live with their grandma and she left for vacation and didn’t worry about leaving the kids behind.  So after we found out they had no food around the house we went out and bought them a bunch of food just to get them through until the grandma gets back.

View from the balcony, our sitting place since it
was hotter inside the apartment without our AC
In other news... our air conditioner broke this past week as well… It had a gas leak so they AC guy took it for a few days. So we just broke into the other missionaries’ apartment across the hall (they were gone doing division’s with the missionaries in our zone) and slept in their place! But we had about 3 days just being soaking wet from sweating every second sitting in what literally could be a brick oven...

That’s all that really happened though… no great stories or anything… we didn’t get a lot of work done since we were running around all week working on stuff, buying stuff, or waiting on the AC repair man.

Hope all is well at home!! Its February already! time is just flying by!

With love,
Elder Pedros

Rainbows in Resi

Hey fam,

Glad to see you guys got to get away this weekend, has the weather been nice up there or did it continue to hail and snow?

The Argentina life is pretty awesome not going to lie, I love it down here and don’t know what will happen when I get transferred to a new area since this area is just kind of like home at this point. 

But just like every other week nothing really new has been happening, we have 3 investigators with 2 assistencias to the church so hopefully we can get at least one of them in the water in 2 weeks, but we will have to wait and see!  One of them is the mom of Dani and she is our best bet at this point so we are crossing our fingers.

But other than that nothing new, Elder Johnson and I are still just getting along really well!  We haven’t had any problems at all, so hopefully I will have the chance to kill him off, meaning we would be together until May!

Sophie had a boyfriend?  That’s news to me...
I wish I had some missionary advice for some family history but it’s not that big of a thing here since they don’t have resources to things like FamilySearch too often, only the hardcore members are big into it and even they don’t get to do it very often.

But other than that nothing new....
All is well here and I haven’t gotten sick, I have to do a whole bunch of paper work this week for my visa and stuff plus we might be making a trip to the hospital with the President of our mission so they can drop a cane off to the doctor that did Elder Johnson's surgery (if I never told you the story, he got bitten by a human bot fly, got 2 worms in his foot, went into the surgery, found nothing, and a few days later Elder Johnson squeezed them out of his foot) so President Franco isn’t too happy with the surgeon at all hahaha… (by the way all this happened before he was my companion, this was back when he was in a place called Las Palmas)

Hope all is well back home, have a great week!
Elder Peters