Saturday, April 16, 2016

I’m out of catchy titles

Hey all!!

So this week was pretty crazy not going to lie... We spent all week working with a 22-year-old guy named Fidel and getting him ready for his baptism! He was wanting to be baptized so bad so we literally taught him EVERYTHING this week to get him ready... literally everything, like all of it… it was crazy but we fit everything in this week and we had his baptism this past week! So it was super awesome until none of the members showed up so it was literally just a few of his extended family present... It was small but super exciting and fun! And he is just so happy. It’s awesome to see the changes we have seen in these people’s lives! Most of the people in this Indian colony used to just drink and smoke all the time but now we call them up and they’re like "yeah were just having family scripture study!" and it’s like wow you guys are more righteous then I ever was!

But all has just been going so well! It was back in the 100s this week so it was nice and toasty for us this week until it rained Friday.  Like I love the rain and all and it gets me kind of trunky for Oregon but what’s worse is when the sun comes out and it heats back up to about 100 again and the humidity is just unbearable! But we are lucky I think the risk of getting flooded out of our pension has passed so hopefully we won’t have to move back in with our zone leaders!

But all is just so well!! I still get compliments from the members about how skinny I’ve gotten so before you know I will be coming home twig thin... that’s what eating rice and noodles every day and walking around in the 100-degree weather does to the missionaries here in Formosa....

But have a great week! Miss you all!
Keep me updated!
Elder Peters

Sup fam

Sounds like all is well and a bit crazy back home... Rachel did tell me about prom and how she was a drama queen about it... I don’t know Hermana Wright... never even heard of the name but I’ll keep my eye out! I have never met Sister Ballard before did she say her mission is as humble as this one is? I bet she didn’t have very many crazy stories like I’m going to have....

We spent all week preparing for the baptism! We had only taught him the Pan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ so we basically had to teach him everything this week... Then he didn’t come to church Sunday, because of a family emergency, so he didn’t get confirmed.  So we might be getting a nice call from the assistants here pretty soon.... and no one came to conference because it was far… and yeah dad.... they just watched it from their tvs... because people have that stuff here.

In terms of weather it was a fresh 104 out this week so we got a little break from the heat!

Sounds like I’ve been missing a lot... Ashley wasn’t even pregnant before I left and now all the sudden she’s a mom.... like alright.... and why am I missing so many sports stuff!! Like Golden State is going hard and making history its fine.

But all is fine right now we don’t have any baptisms lined up this week for the next. So, I think, we have a little break to go out and find new people (if we are not too busy teaching the new convert lessons) but all is well!

But all is good! I’m staying healthy but all the members are still commenting on how skinny I’m getting! I don’t know what I’m at now but I assume I’ve lost another 10 pounds since being here in Formosa... so that’s about 30 since being on the mission...

But have a good week!
Your hijito

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