Friday, April 8, 2016

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4 April 2016

So not too much happened this week!  We didn’t have a baptism so it was pretty uneventful haha but really though it was the most tranquilo week we’ve had in a while with the start of a new transfer!

I was a little bit sick this past week but luckily I had my Indian friends to do some weird remedy on me! Now before you ask questions it was not anything too weird... I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck with a headache and fever and back pain and all... My comp was freaking out because some of these are the symptoms of the dengue virus which is becoming really common here in Formosa right now... Well I took my temp and it was only at 99.4, so we left the pension in the morning after I took some meds... But by the afternoon my temp had raised to 100 something so I called the mission doctor and he basically told me I was fine and that it wasn’t dengue so that’s all good!  So we left and when we visited the Indian colony they’re like "we have this remedy for you just sit in this chair!" and after some nervous hesitation I sat down and he brings out a towel and a glass of water... and all they did was put the towel on my head and flipped the cup of water upside down on my head without letting any water loose… And apparently it worked I got home and my temp was down to normal! and the next morning I woke up and everything was fine!

So fun facts: An upside down glass of water on the head can cure what was thought to be dengue!

The Gringo Room
But also we saw General Conference this past weekend! It was super dope obviously and if you missed a session/don’t know what general conference is... you should go check it out and listen to some of the dope words spoken by the leaders of our church! So we spent all weekend here in Centro in what was called the "gringo room" so we could watch the broadcast in English! So that was a good time just being able to kick back and speak in English for a while!

But this next week should be a pretty dope one! We look forward to having another baptism here this Saturday so we will be pretty much preparing for that all this next week!

But all is well! I’m in good health right now! Everything is just fine here!
Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Peters

Hey all...

All is well here!
Yes general conference was dope but no I didn’t watch it in Spanish.  They had a special room for us foreigners... so since we didn’t have any investigators show up we watched it in the gringo room instead! Obviously Holland and Uchtdorf were bomb as always... it was kind of sad to see President Monson only talk for like 10 minutes the whole conference...

But all is well with us! were still chugging along down here (even though I got a little sick, but I’m all better now thanks to that glass of water on the head) so no need to worry about me!

We are preparing for another baptism in the Caraì family out in Nonqom this week so that will be pretty awesome.  We’ve only taught him L2 and L3 and about the book of Mormon... but he has been to church 3 times, has a testimony, and wants to get baptized before he leaves for Paraguay so that he can have the blessings and the holy ghost with him before he leaves! So that’s dope!!

Thank you for feeding the elders, I know it means a lot to them... and sure we care about baptisms but that’s because we love them so much we want them to achieve their salvation!!

Glad to see all is well back home... ya hate to see Mormon prom... and it sounds like Kirstin finally found someone for her! And when are Will and Astrid getting engaged??

I don’t have much else to say or any encouraging words... get back to the temple like the apostles said...don’t go inactive... put in work.

With love
Your favorite son
Elder Peters

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