Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give an update on the life these past couple of weeks in Paso de los Libres! We passed the new year just hanging out watching the fireworks, me and my companion! This past week we made a trip down to Corrientes capital to have a meeting with the mission president so we all crowded into a van for the day and it was pretty fun! 

The Elders from a town called Mercedes also came up to Pasos with us this past week due to a big holiday that happened this past week... Here in Argentina one of the Catholic Saints they have is called Gauchito Gil, he’s basically like the Argentine Robin Hood.  Well long story short Mercedes is his birthplace and the 8th of January is Gauchito Gil day! So all the Catholics that worship this saint come from all parts of the country to Mercedes to celebrate all together! So it’s not really safe for 2 Mormon gringos to be walking around the city this time of year, so us 4 have been chilling here in Paso de los Libres just messing around really and having fun! It was nice to have a change of pace with them as well this past week and have more than 2 of us in the city.

But all is well and we have been enjoying our time down here!
Have a great 2017!!
Elder Pedros

Zone Elders

Zone Missionaries


Sounds like a crazy past couple of days with the weather... here it’s been raining and last night we were just pounded with rain and lighting! Luckily it hit after we got back to the pension at night! But it’s been sooo humid! But surprisingly I haven’t been sweating as much as everyone else!! 

This past week we had a multi zona and interview with president and it was fun! we all crowded into a van and drove down to capital together!! (Véase: selfie)  Other than that it’s been pretty tranquilo.. we have officially hit over 48 hours of travel time this past transfer... We don’t really do a lot more teaching... actually less down here... there’s not a lot of people to teach....

The multizona was good and he just talked about planning better for our days and focusing more on talking about Baptism with everyone... so nothing really new!

The van came with a driver... he started in Curuzu and drove through Mercedes to pick us up (me and Curtis took a bus from Pasos to Mercedes to meet up with them) then we drove out together at like 330 in the morning.

The branch has been struggling, we had 20 people in church this past week... one of the member’s (the Sunday school teacher) just dropped such hard cane on the rama this past week during second hour... talking about how all they do is just talk but never act and that’s why the branch sucks right now! it was awesome and it got some of the members going but it’s a really common theme around here and I have never seen anyone stand up to the branch like that to tell them that they need to shift their priorities in life to be more in line with the gospel! So, we could either see a lot more member’s next week or even less... we’ll just have to wait to see...

But my interview went good... He didn’t send me home so I guess I passed...
Thanks mom for the letter.... oh wait....
Love you all and have a great week!


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