Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Re: "Happy" New Year

Wow dad is THAT Trunky?? ya hate to see it happen...
Sounds like quite an adventure for sure!

I don’t think I’m sending out a weekly email this week due to lack of information/pictures to send!
But everything is the same old same old here! We actually had a pretty low key week without much traveling! So, we got to work in our area a little bit.  This next week we have a multizona and interviews with presidente in Corrientes Capital so we will be taking a huge van with everyone in the zone up there! It should be fun!  But other than that, not much else… I think I am coming to the decision of going back to school in the Fall instead of Winter and trying to find a good paying job in Utah...😂  So I will be talking to Presidente Franco about that this next Wednesday when I’m down there to see how to change my deferral date.

But all is well with us right now! just chugging away in the heat of the summer!
Love you all!

Happy 2017!

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