Monday, May 1, 2017

Re: What do May Flowers bring??

The fetch is a Christian Buddhist?

Yup sounds like everything is the same old same old, just as it is here. Tomorrow we travel back to Resistencia for a 3rd time this transfer for multizona with Presidente Franco and all the missionaries in Corrientes. So, it should be fun, we actually have a pretty busy week this next week and not a lot of energy to get us through it hahaha we’re so tired and dead.

But everyone I said hi for me! Have a great week!

Things were just as they always were this past week! We did divisions in Mercedes this past week with Elder Butler and Elder Bowerbank! They’re pretty dope.  In terms of lessons we don’t get a lot here... it’s been a struggle finding news here.  We just walk around getting rejected all day long hahaha we have 2 investigators that are dope so we always look forward to when we have lessons with them.  I don’t really got any more stories actually… not off the top of my head! You’ll have to ask some more questions to jog my memory a little bit.  Yes, I heard he got a new car…

But all is well for us over here! Hope you have a great week!


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