Monday, May 1, 2017

Re: Post Easter

Hey fam!
So, it was a pretty good week! I guess... we had to make another trip down to Resistencia to learn about water and the new water filters... it was boring... now I know what dad’s life is like.... But we got some good work in and have found some pretty good new people this week! Our investigator had a birthday party for her son in the church this past week so we got to stop by and help inflate balloons for a little bit! But Elder Dean and I are getting along super well!  He is making a push for one of my favorites!

And mom’s life is just as sarcastic as ever...
You got my travel plans?! Oh, my gosh you shouldn’t have said that hahaha

Yes, there are a few families I have gotten to know in my time here.
I give talks whenever I’m needed to give one.
What are branch council meetings? 
Youth council activities are off limits to missionaries... plus there are no youth...
The new filters work, work fine? I don’t know doesn’t salmonella take a few days to kick in??

Well I hope you have a great week! Love you guys!

PS: I haven’t heard anything about Skype calls yet, I’ll just call when I got the time I guess!

PSS: Don’t you think I would have told you if I got mugged or not?

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