Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Un cumpleaños en el CCM

Another week down in the MTC!

3 days until we get on our flights and head off to Argentina! its been crazy fast but im looking forward to getting out of Utah!

Nothing new really happened this week other then we had to chance to host all the crying kids coming into the MTC for their first day, basically all we do is just take their luggage and walk them to their dorm room then to their class room while they have a little panic attack but it was still nice to be able to have a chance get out of the class room for a few hours.

Other then that we keep things low key around here but probably the highlight off the week was being able to leave and embark in the real world for once! Elder Cornell had to go pick up a prescription so we got to go to the BYU health center and pick it up. I was so excited because I have so many friends at BYU and I was hoping to run into one of them! but out of all the people we could have seen we ran into one of our teachers, Hermano Hood, the guy we spend like 5 hours with almost everyday haha but it was still good to see him!

Elder Sheehan also had an interesting week as he had to get re-finger printed for his Visa and FBI clearance meaning he was probably going to get reassigned since it was so close to our departure date, then he did get re-assigned to Fresno California until his visa cleared, then got reassigned the next day back to Resistencia.  So he had a more interesting week then most of us did.

Next time you'll hear from me will be in Argentina! Have a Monday morning flight, I'm not entirely sure when the next email will be.. probably not for another 2 weeks when I'm all settled in! So for now I send my love until then! Stay safe everyone and have some fun!

Elder Peters

I don't feel any older it doesn't feel any different being 20.  No there were no special privileges but we did wear the party hats (see group email) and got sang to a lot.  Same with us, nothing new has happened... just getting ready to leave Monday.,.

As for Monday,
I should be at the airport and past security by at least 11 AM MT  and we don't leave until around 12:30 for Atlanta so I should be calling between 10 am and 12:30 your time.  Also make sure that there is at least 200 dollars in my account please.  The bags alone will be about a $100 which I will get reimbursed for out in the field.  What number should I call? will I need to call multiple people (like you at home then dad at work?) just send me an email with number I should call and when to call and I will check tomorrow after church or something.

My flight plans consist of a 2:30 flight to Atlanta then a 10 PM from from Atlanta to Buenos Aries, from there I'm not sure what we do because we have not received information beyond that but we do get into Argentina at about 9:30 Tuesday morning..

Getting excited to leave!  It hasn't hit me yet but we are all looking forward to going.  Except for Elder Smith who broke his toe in our dorm room and can no longer go to Argentina with us.  I'll talk to you on Monday when I get past security and Email you when I either get to Buenos Aries or Resistencia! I'm not sure yet!

Love you all and Ill talk to you soon,
Elder Peters

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