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9 October 2015

Another week down here in the MTC!

The best news of the week though is... we got our flight plans!

Everyone that got flight plans in our district (that awkward moment when two Elders in our district didn't get theirs and might be reassigned.)  (From left to right: Elder Marques, Elder Cook, Elder Cornell, Elder Smith, me, Elder Sheehan)
I don't know if we have our Visa's yet or not but getting flight plans means we are on track to receive them before we leave on the 19th! I'm not going to get too excited though because this last week I witnessed a missionary leaving with all his district heading off to Sydney Australia and it wasn't until he got to the travel office with all his stuff packed and the bus ready to go that he found out that he didn't have a visa so he couldn't leave.. Mainly it was the travel offices fault for not informing him beforehand (they said they forgot to tell him) but it still has my entire district and I paranoid about our departure date. We believe it will all work out in the end though! Just knowing there is a seat on that flight for me is enough for me right now and am ready in case they reassign me stateside for a few months.

Other than that nothing really exciting has gone down here...

The most exciting thing was one of the guys in our district (Elder Marques) He’s a super cool kid from Brazil, but he brought like 50 ties with him on his mission... so about 2 weeks ago I started to steal ties from his closet and hid them in our room to see how long it would take for him to find out... well this past week he noticed some were gone so instead of giving them back, the next day we all wore them.. He was not a happy camper that day... but hey we have to find some way to keep things lively here in the prison... I mean MTC...

Today actually marks the one month mark for our mission so only 23 more to go!

Next week is our last full week so we're starting to wrap things up with teaching and start getting focused on leaving and packing and such! It’s going to be super exciting but also will probably be the longest week of my life.

Other than that it’s just been more studying and teaching! We get to Skype and teach lessons with people that are actually from Argentina so that's super cool... but also super hard since they speak so fast.

Until Next week,

Elder Peters

My teachers are Hermano Hood and Hermana Fulsom.  I don’t know really any of the other teachers in our zone except for Hermano Myler, Hermana Bond,   Hermano Weeks.  Yes I got all the packages this week! The MTC is still fine.  The MTC food is making me sick and I actually am kind of sick, my throat is just a little swollen but I’ve been doing everything to keep it compressed so it won’t get too bad.  El español es beuno.. es dificil pero es más facil cada dia.. Nuestro lessíones son beuno y Elder Cornell y yo trabajamos muy bien juntos.. somos compreñismo mejor nos districto..
It’s good to see Kirstin is having a good time I guess.  It’s a shame she has to go for the engineering guys though… you hate to see it.

Other things, I get to call from the airport and what a lot of guys from the old districts and guys from my district are doing are having their parents send burner phones (the ones you get at the store) and adding minutes so they can call from that then just throw them out when they're done. I've just heard horror stories of the payphones at SLC with hundreds of missionaries trying to call home at once on like the 5 payphones they have there. Just something to keep in mind. I leave the MTC at 8:30 am on October 19th and my flight isn't until 2:20 PM MT so I should be calling sometime between there, once I get past security (that is if I get my Visa).

We have Devo's every Sunday and Tuesday and I realized I haven't really talked about them at all, if I had more time I would write about what they said, but instead here are some notable speakers:
Vocal Point
Kind K. Burton
Lloyd Newall
Claudio C. Costa

Things are fine, the language is fine, tell everyone I miss them.

Elder Peters

Elder Chabot
Elder Delgado

Also here is what we do with our free pong.

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