Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The 2 Weeks without P Day

Hello all,

So it has been a while since I have had the opportunity to write you all and tell you about what has gone down.  But honestly things have been pretty much the same, not going to lie...

This Christmas will be one to remember though. 

A week before Christmas we had the idea to go visit a member in the ward that we had not seen in a while.   We show up to her house and she just looks so sickly and tired, turns out she had a stroke.  So we are talking with her and she’s like yeah I have been fine blah, blah, blah, and at the end were like ‘what can we help you with?’ and she just starts bawling her eyes out.  She had a friend whose wife had died not even a month ago leaving behind 7 kids... and with the wife gone the husband has basically had to double his work schedule just to make ends meet.  So the chances of them having a Christmas was slim to none.  Now my companion and I know just how difficult it is to go Christmas shopping!  We did not have the opportunity to personally deliver the presents so we had the lady deliver them for us and she just calls us saying Thank you thank you so much Elders now whenever we go visit this family it’s just the best feeling ever watching them run around with the soccer balls and the dolls we had gotten them with just huge smiles on their faces.  It definitely makes Christmas better when you look to make some one else’s Christmas a good one!

Just some other highlights these past two weeks:

Bugs infested our apartment and my Companion had to the genius idea to smoke out the room to try and get rid of them since we didn’t have bug spray... let’s just say we slept across the hall in the other Elders room that night...

Us with the Bishopric of Barrio Barranqueras
We volunteered at a multi-religious gathering thingy.  I don’t know exactly.  But a bunch of churches just got together and shared some booths and stuff so that was kind of cool

Obviously we had Christmas, we made some Asado, played Volleyball and Skyped our Families

Hope all is well back home!
Next time I write you all it will be 2016!
with Love
Sunset over the Multi-religious fair
Elder Peters


Yeah I don’t have really anything to say since we talked on Friday, everything is fine and we are surviving through some flooding here but all is well and all.  We have been bored out of our minds this Pday with it raining and the other Elders having doctors’ appointments today so we have just been chilling in our pension all day.  But all is well, we did eat some bad empanadas so there is an illness running through us right now and I think I got hit the hardest being the newer one here.  You hate to see it...

Speaking of the plaque… what Scripture did I put up? I don’t remember what it was and honestly I think it was just one I pulled randomly from the Book of Mormon... if they haven’t ordered my plaque yet I would love to change that hahaha.

It’s great to hear everyone else is doing great, hope all is well back home

Elder Peters

Elders of Barranqueras and Puerto Vilelas. 
Guess which one is my companion?

Cooking some Asado for Christmas

The volleyball squad on Christmas, 
if you look closely you can see my watch tan line, 
I have gotten at least a little color...

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