Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ringing in the new year with some flooding

So this week has been a pretty fun week to say the least, I guess.

To start off I had my first round of entrovistas with our Mission President and it went really well. He basically just asks how things are going, if there’s any concerns, and answers any questions I have.  He wants me to slow down a bit because he doesn’t want me burned out in a year.  So I guess I should start taking things a little slower from now on, a guess! 

Next we did divisions again this week, and this time I was with our other Zone Leader, Elder Hendersen, working in Barranqueras again. Things are always so fun and interesting during divisions but I don’t really have any cool or exciting stories, we just found a lot of new investigators here in Barranqueras and Puerto Vilelas so we have a pretty full week ahead of us.

The next few days we had a lock down in our pensions... again... for new year’s eve and day. These days are the worst because we can’t really go anywhere unless we needed to buy food or something.  So we played Uno all day and slept and cleaned.  We kept our 2nd story pension from flooding as well! it had rained so much the drain had gotten clogged and so the floor outside our pension was flooding, and since there isn’t great architecture here the water was starting to run into our apartments instead of down the stairs... so we spent all morning with the squeegees pushing the water down the stairs and into the streets.

To ring in the new year, the 4 of us, Us and the 2 zone leaders, sat on the roof and drank some sparkling cider one of the members brought for us.  We watched as we literally had a 360-degree view of fireworks all over Resistencia and Barranqueras and Puerto Vilelas it was pretty dope not going to lie. And they only sell the huge ones that are illegal back home so for about an hour straight the skies were just lit with these huge fireworks.

To wrap up quickly, I have become famous with an investigator of the Zone Leaders. At church all these little kids run up and start hugging me saying ELDER PETERS... I had met the lady once a few weeks before and now I’m already the family favorite.  So we might be doing divisions again this week so I can go visit with them this next week before transfers.  I was also told by one of our investigator’s I speak better Spanish then my trainer that has 18 months in the mission so I guess my confidence is pretty high right now, I guess.

But I hope you all have a great week, I have transfers this week and I might be leaving for a new city, so you won’t be hearing from me again until Tuesday... hopefully with a BAPTISM

with love,
Elder Peters

PS... if you don’t hear from me... it’s because there’s a huge dam in Corrientes that could break soon and basically flood Corrientes and Chaco, and Formosa is already under water... So maybe sometime in the next month things could get real interesting.

Hey all
Not much has happened this week really... actually a lot but I’ll just write about it in the weekly email.  I did have my first entrovista with President Franco and it lasted all of about minutes since he is such a busy man.  I think he might be worried I’m too much of a hard worker or something because he shared with me a scripture DC 10:4 and told me that he can’t afford for me to get burned out in about a year... So I think I’m going to try and take things a little slower from now on... but all is well here really, the weather still sucks and is day to day.  Also from the interview it sounds like that I could potentially train this next transfer... So as of right now Elder Johnson and I are thinking it will be a white wash training in the middle of Formosa.  I don’t know if I am up to the point where I can train but I guess we will find out here soon hahaha. There are 14 new missionaries and having kids like me with only 3 months’ train is very common here... so who knows at this point haha.

But all is well, look out for the weekly email that will have more info.

Have a good week,
Love you all
Stay safe from the snow
Elder Pedros

I also got my first present from an investigator this week.  A 12-year old named Dani gave Elder Johnson and I matching ties, so this last Sunday we all 3 wore matching ties... we didn’t get a pic though...

On the back it says:
De: Dani
Para: Elder Peders

It’s the thought that counts right

I also bought a handmade Brazilian hammock that I get to carry around with me for 2 years now. He only sold it to me for 200 pesos when he was selling them for like 300 so I guess I got a deal.

Just stuff I forgot in the other emails
Elder Peters

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