Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Welcome to Argentina, Mr. President

Well everyone! Transfers have come around again and I’m staying here in Circunvalacion with Elder Sears for another 6 weeks! We are so excited to be working together another transfer!

Well the big new this week was that Obama came to town (when I say town i mean Buenos Aires) so that’s pretty dope! So hopefully now Argentina and the United States can be best bros! But literally everyone was talking about it and asking us if they could have some of the dollars that he brought us hahaha.

But this last week was pretty interesting! Here in Argentina they don’t have Easter or the Easter bunny... so sad... But they have Semana Santa then Passover on Sunday!  It doesn’t really mean anything... it’s just another reason for people take work off and yell at us for trying to talk with them on a catholic holiday... So that’s pretty dope! But there were no big celebrations or anything too big!  Just a tranquilo week here no mas!

But we did have another BAPTISM! Yup a women and her daughter from Nonqom got baptized this week so that was super fun!  We got to the church and found out there were no lights or water in our church… so Thursday and Friday we had to run around and find out what to do to get ready for Saturday... So we just ended up having it at another church building about 15 minutes away... So the end of the week got to be pretty stressful and we got it all figured out in the end! But it was all pretty crazy!

But all was well!  It did get pretty chilly this past week as well! This past Thursday we went out to this little Indian colony in the morning for once… well the member that usually shows us around was working so we had to go look for people on our own and we got lost...So here we are lost in the Indian colony, it’s raining, I didn’t bring a jacket and it was about 60 degrees out so me and my comp were just trudging along in the mud (without boots either) shivering cold... That was not fun... luckily our investigators had pity and gave us a blanket when we finally found their house an hour later hahaha.

But all is well! I’m having a great time! 6 more weeks here and we are super excited!!

Until next week,
Elder Peters

This past week was a little crazy... yes the 2 baptisms went through and it was lindo.. although our capilla didn’t have water or lights... so we had to see the baptism at another capilla nearby in our zone leader’s area.  So the only people to come were the family of the people getting baptized and the 2nd counselor from the bishopric... so that was cool.  For conference we come here to centro and watch the session all together as a stake... so I won’t be seeing a lot of time to work Saturday or Sunday so it will be a bit crazy.

For Pdays its always the same… we come to centro and get food at this little hole the wall place and its super good!  Then we come to the cyber to write for our 2 hours and then after we go out for ice cream!  So it’s pretty dope and it’s all the guys in the zone together so it’s pretty chill! we don’t do much else… if we see time in the end we go play basketball or something but that usually never happens!

But no the members never feed us here... when you’re in a ward with 2 other companionships of Hermana’s no one cares about the elders

All is well and we are preparing more people for baptism this transfer (oh yeah we had transfers... I stayed with Elder Sears!) But all is well for now! Every day is an adventure!

Glad to see that you guys had so much fun.............
But things continue to go well! I’m having so much fun down here!
Have a good week!

Elder Peters

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