Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Hello all!

So this week was AWESOME! I already love it here in Corrientes Capital! I’m really enjoying my time! The fact that every here believes in Gauchito Gil isn’t really cool though but still I love my time here! The members are super awesome! The area is super awesome! and my comp is even better!

This past week not much happened.  When I got to the area we didn’t have a lot of work so we were starting from square one! But we have found some really cool people this past week! We did get lost in the most sketchy part of our area though so that was fun... we were asking around where we were and all people said to us was "ojo con la zona gringos!" which just means watch out or you’ll get stabbed.... but I did get a flower from one lady because I gave her a book of Mormon! I proudly wore that flower on my backpack all morning long! But It is going to be awesome this next transfer here in this area! 

The only downside of the week was yesterday... I got sick and ended up throwing up all over the pension... I got over it over the afternoon but it wasn’t a fun couple of hours.... I don’t know what happened it just sort of happened... But I’m all good now! my Presidente told me some stuff to buy to help get over it! But other than that it was all good this week! 

But all is well! hope you are all enjoying your summer!


Elder Pedros

Squad at McDoos-- my new companion Elder White on the left and Elder Sheehan on the right

Hello fam

Yes, I’m enjoying my time! I have running water and everything now! I recently enjoyed a delicious subway sandwich!  But I am enjoying my time a lot! but we are still clapping houses! there’s still no doorbells here! But it’s really hard because there’s a lot of Catholics.... like a lot!  But this past week was really fun! Elder White and I are really enjoying our time together! and are you kidding, my area is MASSIVE now! It takes us 30 minutes on average to get to a house just to teach a charla! It’s crazy!! thank goodness my shoes are still holding up really well!! But there is the red earth here but it doesn’t get in the water… the water is a lot safer here than in Formosa! But the number of people that come to church here is a lot more then in Formosa so we actually have lunch here! and the members are so AWESOME! They are so faithful and active it’s awesome!  But it’s been a struggle his week because I’m basically white washing the area! But it has been an adventure!!

Yesterday though we stayed in the pension... I kind of threw up... a lot.... so its wasn’t too fun... I think I just ate a bad combination of food.... we had my first tacos in 10 months and then my companion made me a milkshake in the pension... then I was in pain and about 30 seconds after I called President Franco I just puked all over the place.... It’s totally fine now I’m all good! I dunno what happened but I had to sleep it off all day yesterday!

It’s been going pretty good here in this month! Not too much to complain about! It sounds like y’all are having a great week and a great time!

love you all

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