Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jaw Line on Fleek

So this was a pretty good week this week! Elder White and I are getting along super well together! It’s so awesome being a mission dad even though my son already speaks pretty good Spanish already.... So I’m really just training him how to live like an Argentine and this like that!

But it’s really hard just to find people to consistently teach so we are always looking for people to teach and it can make the day’s kind of longer... The days in Formosa just flew by but here they drag on a little longer because of that....

But everything has been super good for this past week and have nothing really new to talk about!! This next week will probably be a little crazy but more to come about it!!

Have a great week! Love you all and siguen adelante!

The last foto from Formosa Capital!

Corrientes Crew (ft Bae Elder Sheehan)

Oh my mom I literally wrote this chick ONCE!
So I am writing Elder Sheehan’s ex-girlfriend and she told me to write this chick that was serving in Hillsboro.... so one week I got an email from her and I responded no más! But obviously she’s been talking about me so that’s kind of dope I guess... I’m famous with the sisters in the Portland mission;) I don’t think you know just how much a hit on girl’s mom back home......

Yeah I’m down to 186 (weighed myself today) I have always been in big cities! Formosa is just a lot poorer than the rest! But here we get lunch everyday so I ain’t mad! I haven’t been gaining weight though!

I have a multi zona tomorrow in Resistencia so I will see if I got the package or not! But all is well! Have a great week!


wow you’re actually counting???
If you want to get mom trunky tell her I will be on a plane ride home in exactly 365 days! then she can start the countdown!  This week was good! We worked really hard and have been inviting literally everyone we meet to be baptized! What I have learned about being here in that if you don’t ask literally everyone you’re first time meeting them you’re literally not going to have work! so it has been fun and now we have 8 baptismal dates for this transfer!  Yeah mom told me about the sister missionaries coming over... I’m innocent ok.... nada que ver with this chick......

I have plateaued with the weight gain... I was only sick the one day I don’t know what happened! The water is actually a lot safer here than in Formosa so I’m not too worried hahaha I thought I would have an iron stomach coming from Formosa but I guess not......
Friendly I would use very loosely, yes friendly but very closed to hearing the word of God.
Every P day we eat McDonalds and play Frisbee then write... that’s about all we have time for so it’s all good!
The training is going really well! He apparently told Presidente that he wanted to stick another one with me so I guess I’m being a good dad!
I already told mom I wanted sock and G’s for my birthday... So I dunno how that will work but It’s like a necessity right now hahaha.

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