Saturday, August 6, 2016

Son, We Are DEFINITELY Not in Formosa Anymore!

TRANSFERS!! And I went!!

So right now I sit in Corrientes Capital! The lifeblood of Argentina culture!
I got transferred yesterday from Formosa after being there for 6 months!
So now I will be working with the Maipu Branch here in Corrientes!

I will be finishing the training of another missionary, Elder White, from South Carolina! Just a gringo that can’t speak much Spanish! so it will be fun!! But there was about zero work here when I arrived… so we are going to hit the ground running these next couple days! Elder White is super excited to get the wheels going in this area! It will be a slow couple of weeks to start off but I’m confident we can bring some life into it! and the area is HUGE! way bigger than what I had in Formosa Capital! 

I left Formosa at 7 in the morning by bus for Corrientes and got to Resistencia before we got caught in a traffic jam... Turns out they cut the ONLY bridge between Chaco and Corrientes adding 3 hours that I was stuck on the bus... so a bus trip that should have lasted only 3 hours turned into 6 hours stuck in a massive bus without fresh air... I almost died.

But way more exciting is that I basically live in the United States. I walked upstairs for the first time in 6 months to get to our pension, there’s a Walmart and McDonalds in the city, and within our area there’s actually places to buy things like food! So I’m not living the struggle life anymore!! I might get fat again but at least I will be happy actually having (safe) food to eat!

But my last week in Formosa was one to remember! I did divisions again with the Mexican Elder Garcia! I love that guy so much and we just had a great time and copped a cool Argentina Beanie! (pictures to come latter... My SD still isn’t working...) Then the rest of the week we just chased all day long and taught some dope gospel stuff along the way! It was super tranquilo as always in Formosa!

But I’m doing super well and we are going to have so much fun this transfer!! Hope you all have a great week and keep doing you!!

Elder Peters
So fresh and so clean.

Oooh I’m sorry I just do whatever our mission president says...

But that’s cool you met Elder Allen’s grandma! I left him behind in Formosa this past week to train a new gringo from the United States...

As for me, I got transferred to Corrientes Capital! To train!! But not to train a kid fresh from the MTC, but he already has 6 out of his 12 weeks done of training so I’m finishing it out for him! Kind of like Elder Johnson did with me! I am in the Maipù Branch (seeing as Corrientes has no Wards)!

But there is absolutely zero work so it’s basically a white wash in this moment. Starting from square one with lot of contacting and finding new people to teach... But Corrientes Capital is the hardest place in the mission so it’s not a fun place to arrive to with 0 people to teach... So it will take a few weeks to get the wheels rolling here! But it will be fun!!

Fun facts. ELDER SHEEHAN is my new Zone Leader and is in my district! We live 1 block from one another so we will be seeing him ALOT! It’s going to be such a fun transfer! My New companion is Elder White from South Carolina! For 6 weeks he already speaks REALLY well so thankfully I’m not pulling the team by myself!

But this past week was really good! We got Jaqui confirmed! So hopefully the ward there in Formosa can help her get to church every week!

But that was about it! Not much else! I’ll keep you guys updated in the weekly email!

Congrats to Rachel, Happy Birthday Kirstin


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