Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Ilumina el Mundo Not the Pension!!

Hey everyone!!

So, this week was a good one!

First off we have been working hard to push the new up and coming Christmas intuitive of the church called "ilumina el munda" that drops the 26th of this month! so we have planned right now to make a whole bunch of Chinese lanterns and light them off right in the middle of Capital Corrientes to literally illuminate the world! 

Well us and the other Elders in Laguna Seca (Elder Sheehan and Elder Lloyd... obviously) have been experimenting a lot with these lanterns trying to figure out how to actually do them... well that obviously comes with some trial and error... We found out that 1) paper is really flammable... especially mixed with alcohol and 2) it’s best NOT to make these things inside your apartment... it’s an outside activity... because about 2 or 3 times now we have almost caught the apartment on fire.... so we finally decided we aren’t going to kill ourselves and all the member and their friends so the mission office is going to send us a bunch of kits from Buenos Aires to make them... in a lot safer and a more fun manner!

Also, right now the mission is pushing hard for Corrientes to become a stake (for all the Mormons that know what that is:) right now so they have been pushing us to go out hard every single day. I’m assuming it is on Presidente Francos “To Do” list before he bounces out in June of next year! But the assistants to the President are coming out to Corrientes every day they can to come work with us so this last Tuesday was Maipú´s for them to come put in work! And it was alright! it wasn’t anything magical or anything... just the same old same old! but it was nice to get to know them a a little better and spend the day with them!

But all is well!
One to the next one!
Elder Peters

Trial 1... plastic melts and burns your skin a lot....

I haven’t heard anything about the elections here... all the people say is "what do you think about your new president?" and we just say "well....... who is our new president??" yes the election was big down here! They care about it more than they do their own election!

That’s cool that in the States they can actually do things like no knock November... because here that would leave every missionary with nothing to do.... Just think about how frustrating it can be when the missionaries ask if you have anyone to teach and you guys say no... that’s my life everyday....

We spend a lot of time with Elder Sheehan an Elder Lloyd especially with this up and coming activity... you haven’t seen the Christmas video yet because it doesn’t come out until the 26th of this month... I haven’t even seen it yet... I will probably see it the 22nd when we have a multizona in Resistencia! but we will see!

But I hope that you guys are staying safe up there! Sounds pretty crazy! Sounds like things are just as they always are!!  It’s just been getting hotter and hotter every day!

But have a great week!
with love

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