Sunday, November 27, 2016

Aguantá los patos

Hey everyone!!

So, this week was kind of really fast! My companion had to do some paperwork for his immigration stuff so we spent most of all of Wednesday in Resistencia then all of Thursday in the immigration office here in Corrientes so I just got to chill while he did all of his stuff! So, I had a few days off I guess to catch up on sleep and things like that! Then we did more divisions with the asistentes this week and this time I left with Elder Webster from Canada! We had so much fun! We got a little bit trunky talking about hockey and lacrosse and stuff and just basic Northwesterner stuff!  But that was about it for the week!  We are still out here chugging along! Hope you all enjoy a great thanksgiving week back at home!

With love
Elder Peters

Plaza in our area.. Barrio Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

The heat hasn’t been to terrible to be honest!  My comp is dying though so it’s kind of funny.  I don’t remember what couple I was talking about... we don’t really have any solid investigators right now.... The tree thing yes was an activity that we did as a district... I haven’t had the chance to do any other service at all in the mission... just in a sense that now I understand the necessity of the gospel in our lives!  Yes, they have that program (Teaching the Saviors Way) here in Argentina… I don’t really know much else other then they have it!

And correction mom... it wasn’t a peanut butter that I liked but I just found peanut butter in general... perks of being here in Corrientes Capital! so now I enjoy all the luxuries of U.S. living! except carpet...I have maybe gained like 2 or 3 pounds here in Corrientes... but that’s not a lot compared to the 40 I have lost so far...

But all is well... we spent all week in the immigration office doing stuff for Elder Steele and tomorrow we have a Multi zona all day long... so we will see how that goes!  But I’m doing good! hope all is well back home and you guys enjoy your LAST Thanksgiving without me! (just had to put you guys trunky!)


Your son:)

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