Sunday, April 16, 2017


But we had transfers! I'm staying in Paso de los Libres, which I'm not too sad about! I love it here! It’s been my favorite area to work so far!

But! i have a new companion! His name is Elder Dean! He’s from Virginia and he’s pretty dope! We haven't even had 24 hours together but were already screwing around and joking around it’s been fun! So, we look forward to a transfer together!

But this week we get to travel up to Resistencia... again... gotta love the long travels... so pictures to come next week!

But I hope you have a great week!

Love you all!
Elder Peters

Hey fam! so yeah... hubo transfers... And I'm staying!! I got another one here in Paso de los Libres!  But Elder Curtis left! He got transferred to my old area, Maipù.  I got a new companion now! his name is Elder Dean form Virginia! He's super dope! So, we will be enjoying our time together down here!

But yeah, the winters aren't much different... last week we had massive storms all week long! Lucky, they let up for about 5 hours on Sunday... 8am to 1pm... The Church is true.  But it was cold too... we had to be in the bus terminal at 1 am Monday morning and I had to bundle up in a sweatshirt and my rain coat just to stay warm... It was probably 70 degrees out...

We watch conference in English because it’s the language I understand alright, the locals don't even care about us and yes i got signed up for classes alright, its all good!

But all is well with us here! We get to travel down to Resistencia this week for our consejo meeting. Yes, were getting ready for Easter down here... it’s not even that big of a deal... just like all other Argentine holidays.

But have a great week!  Miss ya fam!
Elder Peters

PS: we did an Easter egg hunt like 2 weeks ago.

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