Sunday, April 9, 2017

What happened this past week?

Hey everyone!
So, this week was busy one for us here in Paso de los Libres!

The beginning of the week we had meetings everyday then made our way out to Curuzu Cuatia this past week to do divisions with the Elders down there!

Then coming back, we had a dope Easter activity, if you want to see what the activity was based around you can go to ;), followed by a baptism after the activity!

Then all weekend long we had General Conference! We got to listen to the words of a living prophet and the 12 apostles and it was pretty dope! all of us down here were excited to hear that our mission president’s wife, Cristina Franco, was called as a general authority of the church as well!

But it was all tranquilo this week and now the end of this transfer is this Sunday! So, won’t be back on until Tuesday of next week!
But have a great week everyone!
Elder Peters

La Familia Mendoza

Wow sounds like a pretty interesting week for dad… Just tell Rachel that any Utah school is probably better than any Oregon school... But that doesn’t mean I like Utah over Oregon…

But it was tranquilo for us here in Pasos... we just watch [conference] it in the church no mas... The church has a satellite to watch in Spanish, so Elder Curtis and I could watch it in English on the computer! In between sessions on Saturday we shot around the basketball and then in then before priesthood we went and got pizza.

On Sunday, we just hung out in the church with the members and our investigator. But I liked a lot of conference but my favorite was obviously the Argentine dude that talked to all the investigators in the crowed! it was dope because that was the session that our investigator, Yanina, came and watched! We just hope she was paying attention!

Yes Hermana Franco got called... we were sitting there listening and heard that Cristina B. Franco was being called and I thought "that’s funny that’s exactly the same name of Hermana Franco" then when they said that she wasn’t present because she was serving a mission in Argentina we all figured out it was her and all four of us got up screaming in the middle of the session! It was pretty dope!

Wow... sounds like Will takes commitment real seriously....

But other than that, we had a pretty good week! and a baptism! Marina got baptized and confirmed this last week on Friday, it was the first time I was asked to do the confirmation.

But all is well with us! Transfers are this next week already so I won’t be writing until next Tuesday!

but have a good week!

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