Saturday, April 22, 2017

On to the next one

Hey everyone!
Hope all is well! Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m doing well!
Nothing really new to keep you guys updated on!
Feliz Pascua!
Elder Peters
Hey fam!
So, things have been going really well this past week! Elder Dean and I are getting along really well and having a great time!  We had to make the trip to Resistencia for Consejo just to find out we have to be back this next week as well... To get trained to use new water filters... it’s such a joke... but it should be fun!  But it was trainquilo this week! we just went out and did work no mas! still looking for news as always which just means a bunch of contacting!  So, like.... mom still hasn’t told me where she works or what exactly she does and I’ve asked like 10 times...  But it sounds like a pretty low key week at home!  Carrie’s brother as in the one that should be in Washington DC?  Astrid doesn’t like guns?!

Hope all is well! have a great week!

Elder Peters

Elder Dean

Elder Harrop

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