Sunday, September 13, 2015

Alive! Response

Things are super fun and we're learning so much! no i went straight to the MTC and was an early arrival at like 11:30 but they checked me in anyways and it was right to it.  We are about 4 hours from teaching our first investigator and its going to be a very humbling experience for sure, all we can really do is say a prayer and bear our testimony. I think the 3 (Chadd, Austin and I) of us will be having lunches together but nothing else... It has been nice seeing each other though and we are going to get a picture sometime. What car did you take to Idaho then? the Rav? Hope your baby is ok...

Yo se que El libro de Mormom es verdadedo y que Jose Smith es un profeta. Muy blesido para mi familia and tu amos.

Enjoy Yellowstone or wherever you are, I think I'm going to be just fine so don't worry.

With love,
Elder Peters

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