Friday, September 18, 2015

What feels like week 10

Hello everyone!

This week has been super awesome but also kind of uneventful!

A typical schedule goes like
6:30 Wake up call
7:30 Class
12:10 Lunch
1: 15 Class
5:15 Dinner
6: Class
9:30 Back at the dorms
10:30 lights out

there's also some other things throughout the day like an hour and a half long gym session and other things like Teaching lesson and stuff but the main point is i'm in class... a lot.. about 10-11 hours a day..

and last week we were about to teach out first "investigator and as of today we have taught him 5 lessons and another "investigator" 2 lessons... todos en español.. todos sobre trenta minutos .. es muy dificíl... pero yo y mi compañero manage!

I love my companion and my district we all just click so well (which is a good thing since we spend 10 hours in the same room together).  It has been a roller coaster of emotions and this week has honestly been one of the hardest things I have ever done but I it has also been one of the best!

I see friends from BYU everyday and always meet more and more people (Hermana's) each and everyday!  I miss home a bit, you can hear LaVell Edwards Stadium (BYU football stadium) on Saturday nights off in the distance so we can hear the crowds booing and cheering so we can get a gist of what happened in each game!  But all is well! There's nothing more to say when you spend 11 out of 16 hours your awake in a class room listening to your teacher only speak Spanish at you.

They say learning a language in the MTC is like getting sprayed with  a fire hose and all you get is a small drink.. But all is well! I'm still having a blast and the Spanish is getting easier everyday!

Until next week,
Elder Peters

Our Zone.. its pretty chill... (were all Spanish speaking.. some going stateside, two are going to Canada, Spain, and Argentina, and 1 going to Ecuador.. So that's pretty cool I guess...)

PS: gmail only lets me send like 1 picture in an email or else its oversized... so the other ones can hopefully be found on my blog if my parents upload them

Provo Utah Temple

MTC Zone

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