Sunday, September 13, 2015

MTC Week 1

Wow what a week!

The common phrase here is that the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days which is honestly so true.  I have been here for almost a little over 48 hours but it feels like we've been here for about 3 weeks.  I've even made the mistake a few times of say "A few days ago..." when in reality it was just yesterday or even a few hours prior.

My comprendaros (companion) es Elder Cornell para American Fork, Utah. He's a pretty cool guy and we're both serving in Resistencia. In one of the pictures below are my roommates who are also both serving in Argentina (one in Resistencia and one in Santa Fe). We all have a good time and joke around and have fun but when it comes down to it we get some major studying done and getting to know Spanish pretty well for only 2 days.

Here are some common phrases i'll use on a daily basis:
  1. No se: I dont know
  2. No Hablo Espanol: I dont speak spanish
  3. Beunos Dias Hermanas;) : Good morning/day Sisters (title given to female missionaries, just as my title is Elder.)
  4. Como se dice....: how do you say...?
  5. mas despacio por favor!: slower please!
  6. buenos tardes Hermanas;) : Good afternoon Sisters
  7. Si: Yes (the response given to my teacher when he speaks nothing but Spanish and I dont know what hes asking of me)
  8. qieuro dormir: I want to sleep
  9. Buenos Noches Hermanas;) : Good evening Sisters
I've actually learned a lot of Spanish though.  They prefer you speak no English, just try as hard as you can to SYL (speak your language) in class and in the dorms. The teachers like I said before speak nothing but Spanish so its full immersion right off the bat. We are getting ready to teach our first "investigator" anoche todos en espanol.. es muy dificil... MUY..

Me and my companions are working hard, were all doing just fine, I wish the same with all you back home.

Yo se la iglesia es verdadedo

te amo todos,
Elder Peters

MTC Companions

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