Sunday, September 27, 2015

MTC Week 3

25 September 2015

Nice to hear.  The Spanish is getting better to the point that all me and companion have to do is say "ok let’s teach the restoration" and walk in and teach it.  We can also have actual conversations with the investigators instead of just basically reading from our notes.  It definitely makes it easier to teach with the Spirit.  

I don’t know about General Conference they haven't said anything about it yet and yeah we go to the temple every P-day and we usually do some sealing’s.  Which frankly today was the weirdest thing ever.  This girl passed out twice at the alter and so she left.  The sealer kept trying to say the names with the accent from where they were from, so just imagine reading the names of someone with a French first name and a German last name.. it was crazy.. plus there were some Native American names thrown in there which were really obscure.  So Elder Sheehan couldn't be at the alter cause he couldn’t stop himself from laughing the whole time.. crazy stuff... But anyways...

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE.. gee it’s like someone actually loves me now.. Elder Sheehan got 3 yesterday alone so Mom has got some catching up to do...

And it’s just important mom that I get those lyrics.... it’s important if we want to shower singing legacy to continue here in the MTC because I Miss You by blink 182 is getting pretty old...Hope things are going well back home?


Elder Peters

Elder Sheehan and Elder Smith 

It was Raining

Jon and Austin (BYU Roommate)

Jon and Chadd Cornilles

​Elder Chambers (goes to BYU so me and him will be keeping in touch)

Elder Hunt who is going to Trinidad Spanish speaking.

The District
The zone we will be in charge of as Zone Leaders.

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