Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2 Months Down!

Time has just really flown by. 2 months already and only 22 more to go! and all the other missionaries just say it gets even faster after the first few months.

But there are really no big highlights this week..
We taught some lessons, clapped at some houses (since they don't have doors to knock), and walked around aimlessly a few times.

We do have some really awesome investigators that are really passionate about the gospel and want to be baptized but then on Sunday we get to the chapel and wait and none ever show up... So our goal this next week to is to really emphasize that we want them to come to church and progress more towards baptism!

One couple is just the best , they are our favorites because they just love having us over and love our messages. The last lesson we taught we sit down at their table and before we could say anything the husband is like "Can I say the opening prayer?!?!" and me and my companion just look at each other and say "Por Supeusto!!" They're awesome!

Another time we were doing a lot of contacting (clapping at the houses) and no one wanted anything to do with us and it got to the point we had given up and sat on the curb wondering what to do next since we had absolutely zero work to do at the time until 5 minutes later an old women wobbles by and of course we give the obvious "Hola!! Como esta?" like we do with everyone and she just says "hola" and keeps on wobbling, but a few steps later she stops and turns to us and asks "¿Son misionaries verdad? ¿por un iglesia en Resistencia?" and we stand up and start talking to her and she wants to hear about our church so we give her a book of Mormon and talk about the restoration a bit and she just wobbles over and hugs each of us and tries to kiss us on the cheek (my first experience as a missionary with the no hugging rule) and tells us we are welcome anytime she is home to come and teach her the lessons! So that was a positive this week out of a whole lot of negativity.

There have been a few ups and down this week, mostly downs, but I'm just trying my best to be obedient and patient with all that is going on! But at some points it was just been so hard, not going to lie, this is one of the hardest moments of my life. But patience has been such a big thing for me even though it has run low at times. But I do love it down here and look forward to the next 22 months!

With love,
Elder Peters

The Homie Elder Christansen heading home after 2 years

When it rains.  There are some parts we can't even walk
with our boots because it can get that deep.

The Zone

All has been well this past week. Nothing really new, still don't have any investigators coming to church which is kind of rough since some of them are so passionate about the gospel. But its really just day in and day out the same thing here! We have scheduled appointments, sometimes people forget and are busy (actually most of the time) so we just end up doing some contacting which can be some times even more rough. Especially on Sunday nights because that seems to be the family night where everyone goes out or stays in and watches a Boca or River game (they seem to play literally every Sunday night).

The food we eat here is the best, lots of milanesa and empanadas! A lot of rice as well! The best though is the asada (BBQ) a brother in the ward cooks for us every Saturday! I don't know what any of it is called but there's chicken, sausage, and some steak/ribs and it is the best. I also love the bread here, its all I eat at our apartment since I don't want to cook anything else! Things have really been flying by here. A wave of Elders just left today including one of our zone leaders and he was the coolest guy ever. And no we don't have pentinestas that do everything for us like some spoiled missionaries in Peru...

The poor here are different then the poor in the US. I never see people really working so I don't know if that has something to do with it but I also just think its because the area is poor that no one can really find a nice place to live. There are a few nicer houses with cars and garages and things like that but they are always gated off and clumped together into one area of town.

The weather here is always humid. One day it will be raining and floods everything. Then the next day it will be sunny and boiling hot.  I got kind of sunburned because one day it was raining in the morning then sunny in the afternoon so I didn't have time to put sunscreen on so all the members make fun of me for being red faced.

On Pdays there's not a lot to do but walk around Resistencia and write home. Other than that we sort of just clean our apartment and sleep. What's rough is if we need to buy something we have to leave right at 10 to get to Resistencia before everything closes for the siesta time. So we usually try writing during that time when everything is closed.

Other than that all is well, nothing new! We have a multi zone conference tomorrow here in Resistencia so hopefully I will see some familiar faces like Elder Sheehan!

With love,
Elder Peters

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