Thursday, November 26, 2015

La Vida La Vida

Hello all,

This was a pretty low key week and not much to write about.

None of our investigators are really progressing still.  We do have 2 that are really loving the gospel but they still have a long way to progress before anything can really happen.  But that’s the life here in Resistencia! It’s one of the hardest areas of the mission and we are trying our best and we are doing a lot more then Elders in this Area have done in months!

We had divisions this week.  I got to work in Barranqueras with Elder Karmonov, Born in Russia but raised in Buenos Aires for the past 11 years.  He is such a great guy and is one of the best Elders I have met here.  He just oozes positivity and friendliness.  It was super fun we just had the best time working together.  It was a busy day but we really did some awesome work together!

Argentina has a new President as of yesterday!  We had another day locked in our apartments for safety reasons, so we spent all day sleeping and cleaning.  It was so fun... not... But at around 7 o’clock we just start hearing all this yelling and honking outside so we knew they must have just ended.  But no riot or anything which is what we were hoping to see.  But nothing, so much for being locked up in our apartments...

Other than that we had a pretty good week, nothing really from the same ol’ same ol’ day in day out teaching lessons and contacting houses!

Transfers are next Monday so on Sunday I’ll find out if I get transferred or not our I spend another 6 weeks with my trainer in Puerto Vilales!

Everyone have a good week!!
With love,
Elder Peters


Really nothing new this week to update about.  The weather will be hot one day then cold and rainy the next...The language is still hard...

We did have my fist divisions this week so that was fun but I’ll write more about that in the other email!  Nice to see you finally got to meet Ryland after 3 years! I hope he is doing well but I have not heard from him yet.

I didn’t even realize it was thanksgiving until I read your email.  That’s awkward.  It hasn’t hit me yet that it’s almost December.  I officially have one month here in Argentina but it still feels like its September and I had just gotten to the MTC.  I’m pretty sure we will just eat hamburgers for dinner on Thursday so happy thanksgiving to me!

Argentina finally had the last leg of elections and finally has a new president.  I was asking one of the Elders from Buenos Aires (Elder Karmonov) about it and he said this could mean better relations with the US... which means... packages!!!  Looking foward to it!!!

Hope all else is going well back home!  Things are still just chugging along here.  My first transfer is already almost up so this Sunday I’ll find out if I get transferred or not.  I also think Pday next week is Tuesday so don’t freak out when you don’t hear from me Monday.

With love,

Elder Peters

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