Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Horses and the Dogs

Well my first complete week here in Argentina and it has been fast! these 2 years are going to fly by so quickly.

Work in our area has finally picked up and we have a lot more investigators and even some baptismal dates, we need to get them prepared for baptism (getting baptisms is hard here because the requirements down here are kind of strict since there have been issues in the past). But we are optimistic about a few who have just been so excited and happy every since we visited them and gave them a Book of Mormon to read! But more to come as things progress!  Other then that things have been low key around here.  We just walk around in the heat all day.

Just a few highlights and some fun facts about things around here:
  1. There are dogs every where.  Like every where.  Just herds of dogs.
  2. Almost got run over by a stampede of horses waiting for the bus (yes horses... there's just as many of them as there are dogs)
  3. It's completely normal to see a Mercedes Benz stuck behind the horse drawn carriage down the road.
  4. One day it could be in the 90´s then the next day be in the 50's and dumping rain.  You just never know.
  5. Boca (one of the big soccer teams here, the other being River) won some sort of championship so there were fireworks and celebrations all last night.  Which meant no sleep.
  6. I don't think Halloween is a thing here.  I didn't see anything out of the ordinary on the 31st.
  7. They have a subway in Resistencia! And its a lot harder than you think ordering in Spanish.

We also had stake conference this past week so we all got to meet in Resistencia and I got to meet a whole bunch of great new people and missionaries! We have a Zone conference here in Barrancarous this next week, so we will be having missionaries coming from as far as 3 hours away stay with us for a night so we can meet together on Wednesday.  It's good stuff I'm super excited!

That is all for this week! I still don't understand any Spanish as well, so that's pretty cool as well.

With Love,
Elder Peters

No pics this week, the library here is the only place that I can upload pictures but its closed today because its apparently a holiday... weird... but next week hopefully there will be pictures of us tracking in the flooding water in our boots and all that fun stuff.


Things have been pretty chill here.  Nice to see the Ducks are at least doing well and it's nice to hear about the Timbers because there is a boy in our ward that loves the Timbers and Diego Valeri so I have something to talk with him about now.


I'm glad Chadd got to talk with Alex (its not Christen Press though) and I hope he chewed her out for not going to prom with us.

Sadly, Hermana Beecher is heading home early due to an issue with her leg and leaves tomorrow, so we never really got to talk too much (although she does know Kate McDonald and I know how much mom loves Kate).  The language is coming slowly. I still can't understand very well but I get the general idea of the conversation most of the time.  My companion is getting really frustrated though so that has led to some issues but I'm trying my best to improve more and more everyday.

On P-days we actually have 2 hours for email so We usually come in at around 6 or 7 your time and write for an hour then come back at around 10 or 11 your time and use the last hour.

Other than that things are going well here, I am starting to be more appreciative of the life I had before the mission and actually feel kind of bad leaving the house in nice clothes with a nice bag and all, we definitely stand out a lot from the people we teach.

Since I've been here we have had 17 new investigators and 6 fechas de bautizmo! The problem we have is getting them to church 3 weeks in a row before they can be baptized (just one of the rules they have, they have problems with enduring to the end and people just being baptized just to make the missionaries happy then never going to church again) and its hard because from our area we work in you have to take 2 buses to get to the church and some families just can't afford that every Sunday or have health problems that forbid them from attending.  But we are optimistic about a few. A 30 year old couple who have said "ever since you brought the book of Mormon into our lives things have just been so much better and we are so happy!" and also a 13 year old boy who actually approached us and asked to be taught.  Then a single women who said the same thing the couple said about the Book of Mormon! so we are trying but we still have a bit before anything big happens.

We had stake conference this week but I didn't understand anything so I have no inspiring words to share.  I did get a shout out though because me and my companion helped one of the speakers write her talk.  The family is so nice, we go to their house every Monday for FHE and Sundays for dinner and they're great.

That's really all for this week!
Hope all is well back home
Sending love,
Elder Peters

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