Friday, January 15, 2016

Habiendo sido comisionado por Jesuscristo....

Hello Everyone!

So this has been a pretty good week.  We had transfers yesterday which is why I’m writing today and not yesterday and guess what!  Elder Johnson and I are staying!  I have another 6 weeks here in Puerto Vilelas! I love this area so much and Elder Johnson and I are just the best of bros! Excited to see what happens these next couple weeks!

We had another zone meeting which was pretty cool, they’re always super fun and interesting!

The biggest highlight of the week though.....

We had a baptism!

Dani before baptism

before the baptism with the
bishop, the other elders
and Dani and his Mom
en el agua
This is my first baptism and it was such an exciting experience!  His name is Dani, we found him visiting a member that no longer goes to church. He gets up at 6:30 every Sunday morning on his own and takes the bus for about 40 minutes to the chapel and is there before anyone with keys is there.  We have been waiting for about 8 weeks now for his baptism, the only thing holding him back was the fact we needed permission from his Mom since he is under 18 years old.  We had been waiting for about 8 weeks now for permission and one day we visit Dani and she’s like "yeah I changed my mind why not??" and signs the permission form!!

That was really the highlight of the week, nothing new has really happened!
We just continue to work with the investigators we have now and are always out every day in the heat sweating our guts out...

Hope all is well back home!!
Tenga una buena semana!!

PS: Elder Johnson and I are running out of games to play when walking through the streets, if you have any ideas, help us and email us.

When your comp wants to take a pic...

When the member’s kids find a 
zanja turtle... (don’t ask what a zanja is....)

Sup fam,
So all is well here, I wasn’t transferred and everyone in our district is staying!  So I have 6 more weeks here in Puerto Vilelas and Elder Johnson and I are doing a complete overhaul of the area.  Since we have not been having a lot of work these past couple weeks we are starting this transfer hitting the ground hard looking for new people and probably dropping everyone that we have been working with up to this point since they haven’t been really progressing to this point.

But all is well and we are pretty excited! Elder Johnson is pushing me a lot harder now that I am out of training trying to get me more involved and making me take the initiative on a lot more! I honestly think I am pretty blessed with the Elders I have living with us because they have helped me progress so much just this last transfer alone!  We did have a baptism... I wrote about in the other email. no big deal....

But anyways! Hope you guys have a great week! Things are going well here, except for the fact that it is hot still.  I sent pics and stuff earlier, hope you got them! Everything here is just going well!

Elder Peters

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