Monday, January 18, 2016

Overcoming The Fear of Horses

So this week was pretty average not going to lie... don’t have any amazingly cool stories or stuff like that to share... So sorry about it.

I am slowly however overcoming my fear of horses after getting kicked about 2 months ago! I have petted about 3 horses this week slowly getting to the point where I don’t freak out walking through a pack of like 20 horses in the street!

We just spend all day looking for new people to teach and are finding some pretty awesome people! We had a lesson with one lady and her 11-year-old daughter and when we were wrapping up she asked if we wanted water and since it was like 110 we gladly accepted! She brings out a 2-liter bottle of filtered water and hands it too us and is like this is all yours!  And she’s like "oh my gosh are you hungry too?!" and we are like no, no thank you, the water is more than enough! and she hands us a bag of cookies anyways.  People must think we are bums sitting on the side of the road stuffing cookies and water down our throats, but the people are awesome here!

We have been working so hard that the zone leaders are like "Elder Peters... are you ok? it looks like you haven’t slept in days and you’re just droppin’ weight...." like yeah that’s the life of a missionary right??

Hope all is well back home for you all!!
Tenga una buena semana!
Elder Peters


Yeah we were pretty excited, as well, that he finally got baptized.  This past Sunday he was ordained a deacon, as well, so that is pretty exciting and now he is headed off with the youth in the ward for a camping trip!  He is just so excited. His mom never had interest in the church until her son got baptized actually. She had never stepped foot in the church until the baptism and then the next day for the confirmation and she felt really good about it!  We have been teaching her from this point on, now the only problem is we have to leave our pension at like 8 in the morning to go teach her since she works literally all the time. But anything to complete the family!

Our biggest goal right now is just finding new people to teach and having a reserve of investigators so we continually have a fall back if one of our prime investigators falls.  So we spend most of the day just contacting and walking the streets which can be boring at times but also super fun at others, we have met some awesome people!

But all is still well back here, tell Sydney I say congrats.
I will probably talk about a little more in my group email but for now that’s really it!

Elder Peters

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