Monday, March 14, 2016


Hey all!

So this week was pretty good! We basically spent all week prepping for this awesome next week we are going to have! We are going to see a wedding of one of our investigators and 4 baptisms!!!!

So this past week we basically just prepped stuff for the wedding… we went to centro Formosa capital to help them get all their paper work and stuff done and put a date for this next Friday! So we have this to look forward too! Then the very next day were all getting a little wet and splashing around in the water for a bit because we are going to be baptizing 4 of our investigators!  So that’s super awesome! So we have a pretty big week ahead of us!

But this past week was pretty bomb too... We basically spent every day in Centro or in Nonqoum just having the time of our lives! I’m also learning a big of toba as well! (hence the title of this email) This past week also It would go from dumping rain to sunny skies back and forth like none other so Elder Sears got sick... so on Friday we spent all day in the pension and I walked around for things to do while he slept and tripped off some weird medicine we bought from a super sketchy pharmacy... so that was my day... I read all of Genesis and slept a bit as well... I cleaned then just did a bunch of random stuff throughout the day... it was pretty really actually super boring not going to lie.... But I don’t plan on getting sick anytime soon so hopefully I won’t be locked in the pension anymore then I need to be!
HAPPY 6 MONTHS TO ME.  Tradition: burn a tie.

But all continues to go well! We are just killin’ the game out here! Hope all is well for you guys back at home! Keep me updated on life!

Elder Peters

sup fam!

So this past week was pretty good!  We didn’t get a lot of work done... we had to go to centro a lot to help one of our investigator’s get married to her less active boyfriend… then Elder Sears got a really bad cold so Friday we didn’t leave the pension at all... But we still had 6 people come to church! So this next week we are going to see a wedding and 4 baptisms!! All from people out in this little colony! They’re all so excited! But for now that’s all that’s really going down in our lives... it was a little colder this week so that’s good! and bad... because our pension doesn’t have a water heater so when it gets super cold at night the water in our water tank on the roof gets really cold... so we always play rock paper scissors to see who will get to shower first hahaha.

But glad all is going well... kind of... back home!  Yeah who knew that a hot dog store wouldn’t be open for that long in the commons... But it sounds like everyone is just chugging along back home... barely... but hope all continues to go well!


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