Monday, March 7, 2016

You Saw?

Hola, everyone!

This week was pretty low key again… we spent all night Monday and all day Tuesday moving into our new pensions and helping another companionship move out of theirs. So the week started off kind of slow with lots of frustration trying to connect water filters and looking for gas canisters and killing lizards that run around the pensions! I would much rather have the lizards than the cockroaches like in our last pension though!

But not much else happened, we just spent most of the days in the calle just like every other week! We did have 6 people we were teaching come to church so that was exciting! We had a close call in church when a guy comes up to our investigators and just asks "so what’s stopping you guys from being baptized?" luckily they all said "nothing really... we want to baptized! We’re just kind of waiting for the date the Elders gave us" so yeah... we will be seeing a lot of water in our future! The people that we are teaching are so awesome!

But for now we don’t have any really dope stories or anything... It was a pretty tanquilo week... We just continue to hit the ground running every morning now that we live in our area instead of having to take a 30-minute bus ride every morning! We spend a lot of time now in this colony (Nonquem) and I’m actually learning a little bit of toba (the native language of this colony) as well! It’s been so dope working out there! When we get off the bus we are hit with a wave of little kids running up to us wanting to talk with the 2 gringos and everyone is so inviting and friendly! Going out to Nonquem are literally my favorite days of the week!

But not much else! Things are just going smooth! Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Peter Parker (The Argentines love that one ;-) )

After our zone meeting. The 6 gringo Elders with a bunch of Native speaker Hermanas (minus the Gringa in the middle... she’s just from Utah...))

What we couldn’t tell was a bullet hole or a bunch of kids throwing rocks at the church.... Argentina man...


Luckily for us it’s still pushing around 100 everyday! here in Formosa it apparently doesn’t cool down too much in the winter! We get back to our pension and set the AC to 76 degrees and it’s too cold for us...

Yeah it gets pretty muddy! I have only seen rain twice since being here and luckily it wasn’t too bad! especially since my boots are still in Resi in the office waiting for the next people from our zone to go down and be willing to take them back up here to Formosa (not a lot of people go to Resi so when they do go they have a lot of stuff waiting for them to take with them back up here... so it’s kind of a priority list type deal and apparently my boots are at the bottom...)

But yeah I was broke but I never dipped into personal money! yes they have ATMS that access my money that have really high withdrawl fees... so I try to stay away from the market because there is so much stuff I want to buy! Like today I bought a River Jersey for like 10 US dollars’ worth of Pesos!

Yeah so Elder Sears is the M1 and District leader and I’m still M2 for now! He actually has more time in the mission because he served a few transfers in the Orem mission so he’s got a lot more experience under his belt then I do!  I’m still just the newbie in the mission.... But I will be passing the 6-month mark here this Wednesday!

So in terms of what happened this week we didn’t get a lot done... we had to move pensions all last Monday night all through until Tuesday night... Then we had a zone meeting Thursday so we were just running around all this week! But we got some work done and had 6 investigators in church this week! which is my new record! we might see some baps this next weekend but we aren’t sure yet. (Zone meeting was basically like "president wants baptisms... so if your investigator has the desire but hasn’t gone to church for the needed time, call him and he will give permission since these people need their salvation" so we will be calling him this week about 3 of our investigator’s that are just playing the waiting game until they can be baptized and all.

But all continues to be well!  Things are just going super well out here! I haven’t died even though our pension doesn’t have a water filter!  We just boil like 5 gallons at night then drink it all the next day so hey I guess it’s working!

But hope you all have good week! Keep doing work! and its nice to see you guys go out and do nice things as soon as I leave, like go to Arizona!

With love
Elder Peters

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