Sunday, March 27, 2016

It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding... and a baptism as well

Hey all!  So this past week was pretty good!

The week kind of started off slow on but just got crazier and crazier!

Trip out to Nonqoum with Elder Sargent 
(Yes all the girls love Elder Sargento but not me...)
We started off the week waiting on 5 baptisms on Saturday!!  So we spent all week prepping for that!  But to start the story off we start Friday morning with a wedding!  2 of our investigators got married this week before their baptism!  So we spent all morning rushing around in taxis, almost miss the scheduled time at the civil registry… but the happy couple got married!  Then Saturday comes around and 2 of our investigators get sick and weren’t able to come… so we will be waiting on them this next week! But this Saturday we saw 3 people from this little Indian colony get baptized!
The Happy Couple

At the Baptism
In the water

 Luis, Laura, and Barbara are their names and they’re so awesome! they have been my best friends since being here in Formosa! They have the biggest desire to learn about God and read the book of Mormon it’s awesome! Every time we go have lessons we just sit there and they read us all the scriptures they liked from like the 50 pages they had read since our last visit!  They’re so bomb and we just have the best time hanging out with them!  The people out in Nonqoum are just so easy going and it’s so easy to just fall in love with them!  I have literally seen the biggest change ever in these people and they just seem so happy and always upbeat now!

So yeah... ended the week with a wedding and 3 baptisms... just another week in the field.  We will see how things go with our other 2 investigators this week! We also did some divisions this past week and so I worked out in a different part of Formosa capital with Elder Pace and that guy is dope!  It was super fun!  Then Elder Sargent and I another day did some work out in Nonqoum together, so it was just a fun exciting week!

Hope all is well back home! Have a great week!!
Elder Peter Pan

Hey all...
It’s nice to see that you guys have so much fun without me... its fine...  But all is well!  We had 3 baptisms this past week!!! and we have 2 more coming this next week! We would have 5 but one girl and her daughter are like "were too sick to come...." so we will just try again next week!

But this past week was kind of crazy and we didn’t get much time to work.  We spent most of the time preparing for the baptisms which took a lot more work than expected... 
One of the guys we got baptized was actually a member, but we don’t have any records of him ever getting baptized... so about a week ago the Elder in the office was like alright baptize him and so we start making plans.  Well then on Thursday he calls and he’s like "just kidding! you need to look for evidence of him being a member!  So we spent the next 2 days either looking for a document, photo, or witness of the baptism... but all proof we had had either died or washed away in a flood... so we were on the phone with President 1 hour before the baptism and he finally gave us permission! So I got to baptism him and know its official! (at least we are praying on...)

But that was also the husband of the couple we got married!  So we went to the civil registry with them and watched them get married too so that was pretty dope!

But not a lot else happened.... We did do divisions so I worked another area for the day with one of the Zone leaders!  So that was pretty cool!  But not much else!  I’ll write more in the other email probably!

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