Thursday, July 21, 2016

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So this past week was pretty alright!!
Not too much to tell you all about! We didn’t see the baptism of our investigator yaqui.. We have to postpone it until hopefully this next weekend so we are super excited!!

But it was pretty tranquilo this past week! The Stake here in Formosa held a mini MTC and invited all the missionaries to come and work with the kids for a few hours! It was super fun and we just spent like 2 hours clapping houses and making sure they didn’t get shot in the street! The 2 kids I had were a handful but I got them back alive to the church! hahaha No but really it was all good! It was during the siesta when we normally study so when we went out everyone was sleeping so it wasn’t too great but it was still fun!

But that was it no mas! pretty tranquilo week! Not too much to tell about!  It’s still cold...

Next week we have a changed of schedule! I won’t be emailing until Tuesday because we will be having a meeting on Monday with our mission President!

So have a good week and I’ll be back on Tuesday!!
Elder Peters

Well.... it was a week... we didn’t have the baptism... turns out our investigator loves coffee and didn’t say anything about it until the interview.... so ya hate to see it... so hopefully we will see it this next week! but for right now we are keeping our heads high!!

But this past week was pretty good! The stake had a "mini MC" so they asked all the missionaries to come and help and we went and did divisions with some youth here in the stake! all we did was take them contacting for 2 straight hours... it wasn’t very fun.... but it was fun at the same time! plus I got to see some other missionaries that I don’t see too often so it was a party!

But other than that we have been doing just fine! For the first time in my time in the mission we hit 21 lessons in a week which was a goal that President set a few months before I got into the mission... so now 10 months later I finally hit it hahaha.

But tomorrow is our last district meeting of the transfer already!! I’m going to talk about humility... since I’m the most humble person I know I’m going to drop some humility bombs on these missionaries hahaha but it should be fun!

the reason our last district meeting is this week is because next week we have interviews with president on Monday! so we are having a P-day moved to TUESDAY next week! so don’t freak out when you don’t hear from me next Monday!!

But all is well!! I’m just tired and we just work so nothing is really new....

But it sounds like my dad is enjoying his time with his nerd friends in Kansas City....;)

Glad to hear mom is all better!!

With love


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