Friday, December 2, 2016

Puede Ser the Last One in Corrientes

Well we actually had a pretty busy week this week!

This past Tuesday we made a trip out to Resistencia for a multizona with all of the missionaries in the province of Corrientes and Santa Fe! It was DOPE and I got to see all of the other missionaries from my old areas! and the most historic of them all... Elder Sheehan, Elder Cornell, and I were together for the FIRST time since the MTC! 1 year later! (see picture below) It was a very sweet moment that we shared and there might have been a few tears shed along the way! I also saw Elder Sears and some other people from Formosa days but that was about it!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we went back to Parrilon! because who doesn’t want an all you can eat BBQ on Thanksgiving day? The same day we did divisions with the Zone Leaders... this time I went back to Laguna Seca with Elder Lloyd and we had to make another trip back to Resistencia to help some other Elders who had lost their cell phone in Corrientes.

Yesterday we had an AWESOME activity to get people animated for the new Christmas video called (Ilumina El Mundo) (can be found on, watch it... its dope...) and it was easily the best activity we have ever had in our mission! It was sure fun to just cheese with some members and get ourselves stoked to literally "illuminate the world" this December (more to come on that... hopefully... transfers are next week...

To celebrate our last P-day we made Churripan and chilled no mas! It was really tranquilo to just chill with these 4 guys (Elders, Sheehan, Lloyd, and Steele, for the last time since transfers are already coming around again!

So I will write you all next week! maybe from a new part of the country! quien sabe? but I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Peters

Elders Peters, Cornell and Sheehan

With my friend Alfredo Gonzalez

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