Sunday, December 25, 2016

On the Road Again!

Hey everyone!

So, this week was pretty good! Accompanied by more traveling! We had to make a trip back to Resistencia and back to Corrientes Capital and then later in the week we spent the day down in a city called Curuzú Cuatiá with the missionaries that are down there! It’s been exciting but all the traveling and lack of sleep has just wrecked me... But we are doing good getting ready for Christmas this next week! Hope you all are enjoying the snow back at home! The heat is just cranking up a little more every day and the humidity out here is the worst I have probably ever felt in my life...

But have great Christmas week! Miss and love you all!
Elder Pedros

I WILL BE SKYPING AT 4 PM OUR TIME... SO LIKE 11 your time I think....
So this week was kind of a long one... We were preparing for a baptism this Saturday but it fell through Saturday morning... so we will be postponing it for a later date...But yes, we have been traveling a lot still... this week will be a little more laid back as we only have to make 2 trips (one to Mercedes for district meeting and then back to Curuzú Cuatiá for divisions).  My companion only has 1 more transfer than I do so he has 6 more weeks than I do... how many months that is I have no idea... I’ll leave you guys to do the math since I know you’re keeping track haha.  Yes we got his paperwork done but still doesn’t have his Argentine ID card making it almost impossible to travel sometimes without a physical ID.  So, they have city buses which are the old, overcrowded ones.... But the buses here for long distance travel are the double decker ones with the seats that lean back:) They run all the time just not at the times we need them to run... but they’re actually really nice! They can be expensive but luckily as Zone Leaders the mission gives us money to travel... because we don’t even have enough of our own money to buy the amount of buses we have to take in a month...But yeah, this transfer I think I have already logged 30 hours or so in bus rides alone... so it can be rough but that’s just my life at this point...  but it sounds like everything is just great back home!! 

Have a great Anniversary as well! 
Talk to you SUNDAY!

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