Saturday, December 17, 2016

Life is a highway...

Well I don’t really have anything to fill you guys on this week!

I literally spent all of my time on buses this past week traveling to Corrientes, Resistencia, and Mercedes so I really had no time here in Paso de los Libres!

I got to Pasos this Monday and went back to Corrientes Capital on Wednesday, was in Resistencia on Thursday, then we went to Mercedes for another meeting and did divisions with some other Elders over there then got back to Pasos de los Libres Saturday really early in the morning... so my life this past week was just spent on the road!

I get to go back to Resistencia this next week as well to do some more paperwork for my companion because he still does not have his Argentine ID... making it harder for us to do all of this traveling... and as well we will be making our way down to Curuzú Cuatiá to visit the Elders down there... which just means another bus ride... so there are no breaks for us here in Pasos de los Libres... Just livin’ the life! 

But I love you all! have a great week!
Elder Peters!

Representin' in Resistencia

Zona de Paso de los Libres
My new area is good! I haven’t really had a lot of time to work here yet due to a bunch of meetings that we have been having in other parts of the mission! But yes, all the leaders are native’s dad...... We have a meeting with our District President tomorrow! and yes, I’m a Zone Leader and a District Leader still! So, I have the 2 titles to my name right now... And yeah to do divisions nothing has really changed... we still have to travel a lot... it sucks... I hate sitting on the buses.... we travel the most I think of all other Zone Leaders in the mission...

And yeah there’s actually a lot of Latino missionaries in the mission right now so I don’t know why all of mine have been gringos... I guess I was just never meant to learn Spanish am I, right?


And thanks mom! me and my companion are on the verge of burning all of our socks... so some money to buy more would be awesome!!

Yes, I have gotten very tan... I have the coolest tan lines ever! and only my nose sun burns now...
But I’m doing fine! living the life every day at a time! I’m going to enjoy these next couple transfers I know it!  The only thing I know about skype is that we will for sure be able to skype the 25th of December:)

But have great week!
Love you all!

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