Monday, March 27, 2017

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Hey everyone!
So, nothing really new to fill you guys in on!  This past week we had district conference so all the members and missionaries from Mercedes and Curuzú Cuatiá came up to Pasos on Sunday, so it was a pretty stressful week leading up to that!  But all is well and we are getting ready for another trip to Corrientes Capital for a multizona with all the missionaries in Corrientes tomorrow in the morning… so that just means we get to travel alllllll night long…
But all is well!  Have a great week!
Elder Peters

1. Culture summed up in one picture
2. Con Elder Pendleton. Newbie fresh from the States... just us on our way to church:-)

Dude I mean like I can still make fun of their boyfriends even from down here in Argentina!! Why did you have to raise them with such terrible taste in boys??  But things have gone well this past week. We had district conference and Presidente Franco came and spoke with one of his counselors! it was really good! he talked with the district about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and posed the question "what is your gold statue in your life?" what’s the thing keeping us from being loyal servants to our heavenly father? He just dropped full cane on the district for being lazy hahah but it was kind of stressful as well the whole week but it all came out well in the end… even though me and another missionary showed up late to the meeting because we were bringing an investigator that lived far away…But all is well for now! We have to travel all night tonight for our multizona conference tomorrow in Corrientes Capital…But I don’t know... nothing else comes home to write you guys about... things are just tranquilo like always!
Have a great week!

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