Monday, March 27, 2017

Trunky Papers

Hey everyone!

So, this week was the first one of the transfer so that just meant going to our leadership meeting in Resistencia like always!

These weeks we don’t really get a lot done considering we are gone Wednesday to Saturday just traveling from city to city having meetings... One thing that was cool was this past Wednesday we started our first leg of our trip with a stop in Mercedes, Corrientes. We got there at around 2 and our bus did not leave until 4 for Corrientes Capital. So, we were just sitting there talking when a kid approaches us and asks us if we knew English. We said yes and he starts talking to us in English. We got to know him a bit and his name was Ludvik, from the Netherlands, and he was in Argentina training kids to play field hockey! He was a really dope guy and we got to spend the time talking with him to pass the time! He was just so grateful to find someone who didn’t speak Spanish because he had been struggling learning the language in his time here. But he was super dope!

And today as well I did receive my trunky papers, which is just a list of stuff that the mission office needs to know so they can start making my arrangements to come home in August...I also met a man this past week that had lived a few years in California and Oregon! also speaks really good English! we just talked about how much we love Oregon together!

But all is well! We look forward to a really fun week out here in Pasos!

Elder Peters

We Cook!

Elder Allred, my homie, he's assistant to Presidente Franco

My Son, Elder White

I mean like... we don’t hate each other... hahahah no we get along just fine...
I mean like how have I seen the Lords hand in my week? Well we spent all week traveling to and from Resistencia so we didn’t have much time to work. But the bus never broke down and didn’t have any problems with the police this time... so I guess it was a successful trip! I guess I’m not a spiritual guy.... But Edgar did fast this past week!  He’s not even a member but loves participating as much as he can!  Yes, the rash is almost gone so I should be fine!  I mean I guess you could say they (the members) like us.. or they just put up with us...   Yes I got the package... thank you.  But this past week as  already said we didn’t get a lot of work in because we had our leadership meeting in Resistencia… we didn’t really talk about anything new or exciting… just to keep up with what we’re doing..

But all has been well with us! nothing super exciting!
But I love you all and have a great week!



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