Monday, March 27, 2017


Hey everyone!

So, not much to fill you guys in on from this past week! 
It was a very tranquilo week of just some work.
This week we made our way out to Curuzu Cuatia to divisions with the Elders down there! Elder Salas de Santa Cruz, Argentina, and Elder Pedenera de Cordoba, Argentina. They’re both super dope!  But all is well!  We are just getting ready for some big meeting going on here in Paso de los Libres these next couple of weeks.  But other than that we are doing just fine!
Have a great week!!

Elder Peters

1. Elder Salas, me, and Pelu, she got baptized this past week in Curuzu Cuatia
2. With the Fimilia Pineli on our way to an activity in the church!

hey fam,
So, this week was good! It was our first week that we had basically all week in Paso de los Libres! We didn’t have to go to Mercedes for our district meeting at all so the only traveling we had to do was for District meeting. We have 2 investigators progressing a lot, Edgar has made a lot of progress this past week after a dope charla we had with him, and a woman named Marina, all she needs to do is stop smoking to be baptized.  We have been struggling to find new people to teach as always... We are getting ready for District Conference here in Paso de los Libres, meaning all the members and missionaries have to travel from Mercedes and Curuzu Cuatia to make the trip. The Elders from Mercedes will be having a baptism this week as well here in Pasos after the District Conference.  This past week we went out Curuzu Cuatia and I did a baptismal interview for a girl named Pelu, age 19, and she got baptized the following day, but in a city called Goya, on the other side of the providence of Corrientes, where her extended family lives that are also members, she doesn’t have much support from her family in Curuzu. So, it’s quite a trip for the Elders out there in Curuzu to take! But the day of the interview there was a huge storm and so when we got to the house we were soaking wet and miserable, and with the rain hitting the tin roof it made it almost impossible to hear what she was saying so we had to sit very close to one another;-) (don’t worry my comp was there with me!) So far after this week the zone will have had 5 baptisms and not a single one will have taken place in their own chapel!  But all is going well for us!  BTW if you’re looking at hymns, my favorite is one that’s not found in the English hymn book, it’s called Placentero nos es trabajar ( library/hymns/placentero-nos- es-trabajar-88?lang=spa)  But I also like Lead Kindly Light.  But sound like all is well back home! Not much else happened this week! But that’s just how it is!


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