Monday, February 15, 2016

Kissing in the rain

So this week was pretty low key, it’s the last week of the transfer so it might be my last week with Elder Johnson, but we will be off to bigger things I guess!  We had some pretty good lessons this past week but nothing too exciting, and we aren’t waiting on any baptisms this next week so we won’t be seeing anything too exciting this next week either.

But the most exciting thing this past week was I got to go do paperwork in Corrientes to become legal!  After being illegal since basically day 1, we went off to Corrientes to a little tiny building, and all we had to do was sign a paper, wait 4 hours, sign another paper, then wait another 4 hours... and all that just for a piece of paper saying that I’m legal!!.... until May.... so before May, I get to go back and do the whole thing all over again then I will be official, official for all 2 years! But what was most exciting was seeing my old comp from the MTC, Elder Cornell. He is up in Las Lamitas, Formosa which is the furthest north that there are missionaries. but we just had a great time and caught up on life!

Elder Cornell and I in Corrientes capital

Elder Sheehan!  Saw him a little after we had 
given the blessing after the hospital

I also got the chance to give a blessing to a mom of a member who was getting ready to go into heart surgery... it was such an awesome experience and it taught me just how quickly you just fall in love with the people here!  The people are awesome and we only had the chance to talk with this woman for like 5 minutes and do the blessing and she was just so great.  Well later that day we got a call saying she died... it was so heart breaking Elder Johnson and just stopped in the street and almost cried... but that’s why I am thankful for the gospel we have and knowing that there is more than just this life she has to look forward to.

And of course yesterday was valentine’s day, we spent all afternoon working in the rain, it rained so hard we had to take cover under a tree. then Elder Johnson just turns to me and says "just think about how fetching romantic this is... Valentine’s day, standing in the rain..." I just started stepping away from him like "bro…I know you got 21 months in the mission but that is just a little too much bruh...." just the comments that are made between Elder Johnson and I always keeps us laughing hahaha.

That’s the life of the mission I guess! every week is just a roller coaster of emotion and things going down!! not much else happened, we just had stuff to do to always keep us on our feet and running around.. But all is well! I’m doing just fine!

Hope all is well back home! Love you all!
Elder Peters

Hey fam,

So all is well this past week!
We won’t be having a baptism this next week, the last week of the transfer, since none of our investigators attended church this past week... so you hate to see it... but we are still having some really good lessons and all! we are finding so many good people and the week we had wasn’t all too bad, like we still do Book of Mormon work but we just have problems getting people in the water.

But this past week was kind of busy... we went to Corrientes to become legal, kind of, until May when I will have to go back again... so you just hate to see it...

We also had a churripan, which is basically where you eat sausage and bread. it was a priesthood activity we were invited to and no one else showed up except for us elders and the elders quorum president... so we ate lots of churrizo, haha.

We also had my first consejo de barrio this past week (ward council) they’re apparently not very common here in the mission… but it lasted 3 hours.... 3 hours... so you know how boring these meetings are?!?!

But overall a good week but nothing too amazing happened spiritually... I’m still doing well, I have not gotten sick yet, and I’m still paranoid every time I see a mosquito since Dengue is still flying around! But I’m sure I’ll be fine!

Have a good week! love you all
Elder Peters

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