Monday, February 8, 2016


Hello everyone!!!

Another low key week.... We got a lot of work done this week with the little time we had!

Definitely the highlight of the week though was when I was in centro Resistencia I saw I guy on a moto wearing a Portland Timbers jersey! I saw him and yelled "TIMBERS!!!" and he turned around and gave me a thumbs up! I would have totally copped a pic with him but he kept on driving his moto.  A few weeks ago I saw a super fake Oregon Ducks shirt in Resi as well! and you could tell it was fake because it was Orange and black.... awkward....

But this past week I got to go to police station and get fingerprinted as well... that was sketchy but I’m working on getting my paperwork done for my visa still... This next Wednesday I head out to Corrientes to become legal! next week I will have a special pic with Elder Cornell!! my MTC comp who will be going to Corrientes with us!  Super stoked to finally see him after a few months apart!

The bus system here also had a 24-hour strike on Friday.  So all the buses shut down for the day and we had appointments all over the place all day.  We probably spent more time walking that day than anything else… and just our luck it was pushing like 110 that day as well... yay...

But nothing else really happened! we might be having 2 baptisms this next week so updates to come!!

With love
Elder Peters

PS... I have a pic as well of me with a horse but my ghetto computer won’t let me send it.... so ya just hate to see it....

Yes, we got our air conditioner is fixed and no there are never cold days here.... When there’s clouds and rain it gets super humid... so even when there’s no sun you’re still just wet all the time.... We actually had a really good experience this past week with a partial family. Only the mom is a member and when we show up and are talking and sharing scriptures the husband is like "I really like you guys you’re not super stiff and strict like all the other Elders!" and after talking a little more he’s just like "I just want to know why so many bad things have happened in my life because I have had so many problems" and of course we open up to Ether 12:27 and share it and the wife is balling and she’s just like "this is exactly what you need in your life right now" so both him and his daughter have agreed to meet with us since were not the super strict missionaries that are always "Bautizate, sos pecador!" type deal.. so we will see how they progress!  The most interesting food has been this little paste they put on bread... turns out its cow tongue butter stuff... pretty good actually... and I have eaten liver as well!  Glad to see all is well at home!! All the roommates are doing well, no one has died yet!  I’m sorry you haven’t seen Elder Dexter for a while mom.... But I’m glad you guys are finding things to keep you busy!  I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life when I get home....

Tell the hometeaching family’s I miss them as well!
Love you all and have a good week!!
Elder Peters

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