Monday, February 29, 2016

Everything is pretty tranuilo this past week

Hey all!

So everything is pretty tranuilo this past week! Elder Sears and I are already best bros and are just having so much fun down here!  Formosa is just so amazing and beautiful and the people here are soooo much nicer and laid back then the people in Chaco.  Every time I tell someone that I came from Chaco they just laugh because they felt bad for me, I was stuck down there hahaha.  So I don’t think there will be any problems here! Besides the fact that it was the end of the month so we were super poor, especially having to buy my bus ride up here.  So me and my comp have been eating rice and eggs for like every meal until we get more money on the 1st....

So the work here is like super bomb, all our investigators are just all so perfect, like 5 times this past week people have said "yeah like I read the Book of Mormon every day and it just has helped me in my life and we love it when you guys come over because we just feel so much better about our day! So we will have some success this transfer!

We continue to work with the colony of people, we feel really bad though because our working hours in the afternoon are from 4-9, well by the time we get out to nonquan its about 5 and we have to catch the 8 o’clock bus ride back or else we would have to hitch hike back to our area. But one of the members (his name is Hernan) just wants everyone in his family to learn about the gospel so every time we go over there we don’t have enough time to visit everyone he wants us to teach! We will just be walking and he will stop and be like "yo so my brother lives here should we stop by?" and we have to be like "we would love to! but we have to catch the collectivo right now.... maybe next time...?" so it’s rough but there are so many people there just waiting for us to visit out there every day... like literally we will show up to a house and they’ll be like 15 people there and they’re all like "yeah we’ve been waiting all afternoon for you guys..." so that’s like our biggest struggle in the area right now...

But all is well down here!! We are moving into a new pension town that is right in our area this next week so we don’t have to take a 20-minute bus ride plus 10-minute walk to our area every day!  So we are pretty stoked for that!  Everything is just going well!

Hope you all have a good week! hope all continues to go well back in the States with you all! keep me updated! I’m isolated from American culture down here!!

With Love,
Elder Peters

PS... this week I got pics to send but my SD card got a virus when I plugged it in.  So if you know how to fix that let me know...
Yeah everyone in the family actually emailed me this past week so I got filled in with all that stuff, glad to see everything continues to be going and just chugging along back home!

Things down here are just great! Here in Formosa it’s a lot hotter and a lot poorer.  The weather has not changed at all... still hot...  Yes, it is a lot more rural then Resistencia... like a lot... it’s really different here but the people are also a lot nicer! We have been super poor as well since all the rest of my money goes to the buses we have to take... so we, me and Elder Sears, have been eating noodles and rice all week, maybe if we wanted to splurge we would buy meat to go along with it... but money comes in tomorrow so all will be good! We will also be moving into a new pension this week that is in our area so that cuts down on the money used to buy bus tickets every day!

But all is well, everyone here in super prepared, I talk a lot about it in my other email... but the work here is sooo good! and Elder Sears and I are working really well together!  We have the same amount of time in Argentina together so sometimes the lessons are interesting but we have enough Spanish down to get us by each day!

Yesterday a guy form the states was visiting our ward, he was dropping 105k on a trip down here to visit all of his old areas that he served and visit his converts!  He was super awesome and had some really cool stories about the mission not even 10 years ago, apparently things have gotten like 100x better in terms of the treatment of missionaries and pensions! so I guess I got lucky! But he brought us all Reese’s so our fridge has a bunch of Reese’s now!  I have never tasted anything so good!

But things are sooo good!  Tomorrow we are going to centro Formosa capital to help 2 of our investigators from this little colony called nonquan get married so they can get baptized! so that will be fun! there are just so many bomb people here!!  They just need to come to church....

But hey my SD card got a virus.  So if you know anyone in the ward that knows how to fix that or has some program they could send me that would be great... It didn’t delete my pictures but when I try to access my photos it either freezes my camera or if I’m on the computer it will just eject my SD card then like plug itself in making it impossible to upload pictures... so help pls...

But all is well here!! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Peters

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