Monday, February 1, 2016


Hey all,
So yet again this past week has been pretty low key... not a lot has been going on here but we try to keep on our toes all the time!

The only thing going on this week was we spent it mostly doing service, one of the members in our ward in the past week had a pipe burst in their house, their computer broke, and their fridge stopped running.  So they were without water, without a place to put food, and without the computer the wife can’t work and they can’t talk with their son who is on a mission in Columbia.  So we spent some time trying to fix the computer, buying parts for the fridge, trying to fix the fridge, and all that fun stuff.  Didn’t get it working though since the entire system is just burned dead.  So all the work we put in all week and still none of the stuff works.

After that there was a family in the ward where all the kids live with their grandma and she left for vacation and didn’t worry about leaving the kids behind.  So after we found out they had no food around the house we went out and bought them a bunch of food just to get them through until the grandma gets back.

View from the balcony, our sitting place since it
was hotter inside the apartment without our AC
In other news... our air conditioner broke this past week as well… It had a gas leak so they AC guy took it for a few days. So we just broke into the other missionaries’ apartment across the hall (they were gone doing division’s with the missionaries in our zone) and slept in their place! But we had about 3 days just being soaking wet from sweating every second sitting in what literally could be a brick oven...

That’s all that really happened though… no great stories or anything… we didn’t get a lot of work done since we were running around all week working on stuff, buying stuff, or waiting on the AC repair man.

Hope all is well at home!! Its February already! time is just flying by!

With love,
Elder Pedros

Rainbows in Resi

Hey fam,

Glad to see you guys got to get away this weekend, has the weather been nice up there or did it continue to hail and snow?

The Argentina life is pretty awesome not going to lie, I love it down here and don’t know what will happen when I get transferred to a new area since this area is just kind of like home at this point. 

But just like every other week nothing really new has been happening, we have 3 investigators with 2 assistencias to the church so hopefully we can get at least one of them in the water in 2 weeks, but we will have to wait and see!  One of them is the mom of Dani and she is our best bet at this point so we are crossing our fingers.

But other than that nothing new, Elder Johnson and I are still just getting along really well!  We haven’t had any problems at all, so hopefully I will have the chance to kill him off, meaning we would be together until May!

Sophie had a boyfriend?  That’s news to me...
I wish I had some missionary advice for some family history but it’s not that big of a thing here since they don’t have resources to things like FamilySearch too often, only the hardcore members are big into it and even they don’t get to do it very often.

But other than that nothing new....
All is well here and I haven’t gotten sick, I have to do a whole bunch of paper work this week for my visa and stuff plus we might be making a trip to the hospital with the President of our mission so they can drop a cane off to the doctor that did Elder Johnson's surgery (if I never told you the story, he got bitten by a human bot fly, got 2 worms in his foot, went into the surgery, found nothing, and a few days later Elder Johnson squeezed them out of his foot) so President Franco isn’t too happy with the surgeon at all hahaha… (by the way all this happened before he was my companion, this was back when he was in a place called Las Palmas)

Hope all is well back home, have a great week!
Elder Peters

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